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7th Annual World Patient Safety, Science & Technology Summit Registration Open for Jan. 18th-19th Event

Registration is now open for the 7th Annual World Patient Safety, Science & Technology Summit taking place January 18th and 19th in Huntington Beach California, which is hosted by the Patient Safety Movement Foundation and co-convened by the American Society of Anesthesiologists and the European Society of Anaesthesiology. During the event, a variety of expert keynote speaker presentations will be interspersed with panel discussions on a range of topics crucial to improving patient safety outcomes. The event also provides a unique opportunity to hear directly from family members who have lost loved ones due to medical error to gain powerful insights into the patient perspective. HealthySimulation.com is a committed partner to the Patient Safety Movement Foundation and whole-heartedly supports the organization, its mission and events. Read on to learn more about the PSMF and the 2019 event!

About the Patient Safety Movement Foundation

When the 1999 report To Err is Human: Building a Safer Health System was released by the Institute of Medicine, it was the first time the impact and consequences of medical errors were quantified. The report generated a sort of enlightenment that led many like-minded people to form organizations to combat medical errors and hospitals to begin implementing processes to reduce harm.

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Joe Kiani, Founder, and Chairman of the Patient Safety Movement Foundation, floored by the alarming statistic that 98,000 Americans were dying from preventable causes in hospitals, began to ask questions and track what was being done in the United States to reduce these unnecessary deaths. In November 2010, over a decade later, the Office of Inspector General (OIG) published a report which revealed that the number of Medicare beneficiaries who had experienced an event that contributed to their death had reached 180,000. Kiani realized the problem was not getting better, rather it was growing rapidly. Something needed to be done.

Joe continued to hear about countless families, like Rory Staunton and Leah Coufal’s families, who lost their lives under preventable circumstances. These stories helped fuel the mission of ZERO preventable deaths, a bold but necessary goal that the Foundation believes in wholeheartedly because ONE preventable patient death is one too many. In 2012, tired of general inaction and apathy, Kiani had identified an immediate need to bring all stakeholders across the continuum of care together to take action, thus forming the Patient Safety Movement Foundation. The Patient Safety Movement Foundation convened the first annual Patient Safety, Science & Technology Summit in 2013.

The Summit brought together the world’s leading clinicians, hospital CEOs, patient advocates and government leaders to identify primary patient safety challenges and provide tested solutions called Actionable Patient Safety Solutions (APSS). Hospital attendees made formal commitments to implement processes to reduce preventable deaths in their hospitals, and healthcare technology companies signed the Open Data Pledge to share data for the sake of patient safety.

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Patient Safety Movement Foundation Mission

  1. Unify the healthcare ecosystem (hospitals, healthcare technology companies, government agencies, policy makers, patient advocates, clinicians, engineers, payers, etc.)
  2. Identify the challenges that are killing patients to create actionable solutions (Actionable Patient Safety Solutions)
  3. Ask hospitals to implement Actionable Patient Safety Solutions (APSS)
  4. Ask healthcare technology companies to share the data their devices are purchased for in order to create a Patient Data Super Highway to help identify at-risk patients
  5. Promote transparency and aligned incentives
  6. Promote patient dignity & love
  7. Educate providers, health professionals in training, patients, and families about patient safety

Actionable Patient Safety Solutions (APSS) from PSMF

Accessible now! The Movement is not just about information, it is about action. By addressing new challenges and forming Actionable Patient Safety Solutions (APSS) the PSMF believes we can reduce the number of preventable deaths in hospitals to ZERO. On their website you will find links to 16 challenges and 30 solutions to overcome some of the leading patient safety challenges facing hospitals today. Each APSS is developed by a workgroup comprised of patient safety experts, healthcare technology professionals, hospital leaders, and patient advocates. The Foundation is proud to connect as many stakeholders as possible to focus on how these challenges can best be addressed. The Foundation’s Board of Directors also contribute and review the APSS prior to their annual dissemination.

  • Creating a Culture of Safety
  • Healthcare-associated Infections (HAIs)
  • Medication Safety
  • Monitoring for Opioid-induced Respiratory Depression
  • Patient Blood Management Anemia
  • Hand-off Communications
  • Neonatal Safety
  • Early Detection and Treatment Of Sepsis Sepsis
  • Systematic Prevention and Resuscitation of In-hospital Cardiac Arrest
  • Optimizing Obstetric Safety
  • Embolic Events
  • Mental Health Patient Safety
  • Falls and Fall Prevention
  • Nasogastric Feeding and Drainage Tube Placement and Verification
  • Person and Family Engagement Person and Family Engagement (PFE)
  • Patient Safety Curriculum for Schools
  • Delirium

About the 7th Annual World Patient Safety Summit Event

The 2019 Summit will gather international hospital leaders, medical and information technology companies, the patient advocacy community, public policy makers and government officials, to discuss solutions to the leading challenges that cause preventable patient deaths in hospitals worldwide. The Summit will feature keynote addresses from public figures, patient safety experts and plenary sessions with healthcare luminaries, members of the press and patient advocates, as well as announcements from organizations who have made their own commitments to reach the Patient Safety Movement Foundation’s goal of ZERO preventable deaths by 2020.

The 2019 Summit will be held at the stunning Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort & Spa, situated across the street from one of California’s best beaches, Huntington Beach. Events will take place Friday and Saturday, January 18-19, 2019. As a commitment-based organization, the Movement encourages committed organizations to join us in California for our 7th Annual World Patient Safety, Science & Technology Summit.

Keynote Speakers Include:

  • Joe Kiani: Founder, Patient Safety Movement Foundation; Chairman & CEO of Masimo
  • President Bill Clinton: Founder of the Clinton Foundation and 42nd President of the United States
  • Daniel J. Cole MD, FASA: Past President, The American Society of Anesthesiologists

Gain These Insights and Learn More on the Patient Safety Movement Website today!

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