August 21, 2018By Lance Baily

Looking for Quality Healthcare Simulation Vendors? Get Connected to Top Companies in Minutes Through One Simple Form

Finding the right healthcare simulation product or service can be tricky. There are a lot of different companies in the space which specialized in a multitude of simulator and service domains. makes it easy to connect with leading healthcare simulation manufacturers, consultants, and distributors around the world with the simplicity of a single form. While we always recommend you do your homework to know exactly what you are investing in, being connected to leading vendors known for quality, in an immediate and reliable way is a great way to start! Within 5 minutes you can be contacted by medical simulation companies after completing our simple “Find Vendor Form”. For today’s article, we take a deeper look at the product and service categories listed there, and look into why its so important to work with leaders in the space. Find Vendors Form

At the top of every HealthySim webpage and newsletter, you will see a “Find Vendor” button which quickly allows you to connect with leading vendors from around the world. Have you considered the many different types of products and services available in the space, and how they could increase the impact of your medical simulation program? Over the past decade we have built a comprehensive list of the sometimes difficult to comprehend simulator product and service categories, if nothing else — perhaps having this at your disposal will help your program consider learning opportunities in the future. Stay tuned to an upcoming article with a downloadable reference guide, or visit the Find Vendor Form Page for the latest updates:

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Clinical Simulation Product & Service Categories

  • High-Fidelity Patient Simulator Manikins
    • Adult
    • OB Birthing Maternal
    • Pediatric
    • Premature / Infant
    • Military / EMS Trauma
  • A/V Recording & Debriefing Systems
    • Fixed Stationary
    • Mobile In situ
    • High-Fidelity Simulation
    • Standardized Patient / OSCE
    • Counseling Training
  • Consultant Services
    • Simulation Program / Center Development
    • A/V System Design
    • Faculty Simulation Training
    • Moulage Training
    • Grant Assistance
    • Staffing / Recruitment Services
    • Curriculum Development
  • Management Systems
    • Learning Management Systems
    • Simulation Center Management Systems
    • Inventory Management Systems
  • Task Trainers
    • Ultrasound
    • Auscultation
    • Airway / Ventilation / Respiratory
    • Birthing / Pelvic
    • Intravenous / Intraosseous / Catheter
    • Trauma / ATLS
    • Lumbar Puncture
    • Anatomy
    • Otoscopy / Ophthalmoscopy
    • Medication Administration
    • EHR Training
  • Virtual Patients, Digital Learning, VR / AR Training
    • IPE Patient Cases
    • Clinical Reasoning
    • Simulated Virtual Patient Encounters
    • VR / AR Trainers
    • VR / AR Custom Course Development
  • Surgical Simulators
    • Neurosurgical
    • Endoscopy
    • Laparoscopic
    • Trauma
    • Cardiac
    • Interventional
    • VR / AR Custom Surgical Simulation Development
  • High-Fidelity Anatomy Dissection Trainers
    • Virtual
    • Synthetic
  • General Education Operations
    • Medical Supplies / Educational Materials i.e. Foleys
    • Simulated Medications
    • Simulated Medical Equipment
    • Simulated Patient Monitors
    • Simulation Scenarios
    • Moulage Materials
    • Furniture
    • Financing
    • Infusion Pumps

Of course, before you invest in any product or service, your team should do a comprehensive review of stakeholders and their current and future needs. Coming across money and buying without knowing how or why you need a specific product will just lead to under utilization, and a harder time securing funds in the future when you might need something else much more.

At the recent SPOTS Texas Simulation event, Karen Meadows, BBA, BSN, RN, CHSE Manager of Simulation Operations at the TCU and UNTHSC School of Medicine provided a course on “Right on the Money: Using a Decision Matrix to Bring Clarity to Purchase Decisions”.

Karen’s group is right in the thick of purchasing capital equipment for their new center, which is not even open yet! Initial strategies include getting 3 bids and going with the cheapest, experience or intuition, customer reviews, demonstrations, or bid process. She also reminded us of typical procurement problems procrastination, emotional decision making, team decision making, or HIPPO: Highest paid person’s opinion prevents fact-based decision making. We’ve seen head doctors dictate purchase decisions against an entire committee who recommended otherwise for months, only finally to change their mind after a random visit from the doctor’s colleague from residency who recommended against their decision. Saved only by a lucky visit!

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She then suggested we consider the Decision Matrix tool, to help you decide between several options when taking many factors into account, with an example template. The columns of criteria with rated sub columns match along product brands on each row — so that weighted needs can be viewed against general scores — especially when the stakes are high! For example when looking at A/V systems, she judged 3 brands against quality of cameras, battery life, streaming and recording abilities, integrating with manikin vitals, ease of use, warranty and support, and finally cost — with ease of use being weighted the heaviest importance.

She also recommended holding a “mini vendor expo” to review all the possible vendor products and services with the matrix tool, after identifying stakeholder needs, and finally doing a comprehensive review of the process to make sure internal and external influences are accounted for. :

More support for understanding the purchasing process, product types, and utilization support can be found from the multitude of books we have listed in our Healthcare Simulation Book Library, most of which are must-read! Have we missed a product or service category? Leave us a comment below and share your thoughts!

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