April 26, 2012By Lance Baily

Med World Live Provides Video Streaming Solutions

med world live

At IMSH 2012 I had a chance to talk with Jeff from Med World Live about their web-based online streaming platforms.  What is unique about Med World Live is the ability for your end-users to control their camera perspective in real-time for enhanced learning, from anywhere in the world.

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Features unique to the Med World Live online video platform include:

  • Multiple camera angles
  • Simultaneous live feeds
  • End-user controlled experience
Med World Live also allows you to maintain your brand by creating unique pages for your end-users, while also providing sections for shared learning documentation. Other benefits of Med World Live include:
  • Providing the Medical Community a new and innovative way to showcase products to the world.
  • We are changing the way simulation centers and teaching institutions utilize the web for teaching by creating a customized interactive portal that houses pertinent teaching information and streams it directly to the end users.
  • Allowing students to learn remotely
  • Showcase and BRAND pertinent teaching tools
  • Film training videos and save money on T&E
  • Increase MD product competency

Learn more today by visiting the MedWorldLive website!

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