August 8, 2018By Lance Baily

7 of the World’s Most Watched Healthcare Simulation Videos

Wondering what the most “viral” healthcare simulation videos are? Check out the videos that have helped to spread awareness about our industry around the globe with today’s fun exploration of the Top 7 Medical Simulation Videos of all time! Looks like OB and birthing simulators dominated the field, with product demonstrations and live trainings for OB simulation taking many of the top spots, we share a theory below — but whose video is now #1? Check it out below. We were thrilled to see that produced videos made up 3 out of the Top 7 rankings worldwide!

Counting Down to the Most Popular Healthcare Simulation Video of All Time:

7. Operative Experience Demonstrates RealMom Birthing Simulator for Healthcare Simulation (825K views on Youtube) – Produced by!

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Operative Experience provided HealthySim a special look at the RealMom birthing simulator in action at the IMSH 2018 event, showcasing realistic skin delivery with little hardware changes between births required. We were surprised to see how quickly the newborn could be reloaded into RealMom, which took less than a minute to re setup after the live birth demonstration. This, combined with the extremely realistic skins and texture feeling of the manikins makes RealMom something to be seen to be understood. Watch this video interview to see what we mean!

6. Birth Simulation Scenario for our EMT students by Orlando Medical Institute (1M Views on Youtube)

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In this video the Orlando Medical institute EMT students are assisting a simulated patient with childbirth. The use of our Laerdal SimMom Simulation mannequin provides a real life experience of Obstetrics training for their students. Orlando Medical Institute has a state of the art simulation lab with over 3,000 sq ft. to train all health care providers. Each simulation room has specific training objectives: An ER setting, a residential setting, a nursing home, an outdoor setting with an Ambulance. The use of simulation is a great educational tool to enhance our students education. Their facility is available for initial training and recertification courses for EMT, Paramedic, ACLS, BLS, PALS, ATLS courses.

5. Medical-X Shares Latest Patient Simulator Innovations for Medical Simulation (1M Views on Youtube) – Produced by!

Here shared video interviews of medical simulation vendors from the IMSH 2017 exhibit hall with a look at the awesome updated products from Medical-X. HealthySim captured an exclusive interview with Medical-X CEO Dervis Demirtas with this deeper dive into NENA Sim and Adam-X.

4. MamaNatalie Demonstration at the 2013 Indianapolis Laerdal SUN Conference (3.2 Millions Views on Youtube)

Watch a live simulation of Laerdal Medical’s MamaNatalie at the 2013 Indianapolis SUN at Fairbanks Hall. The mixed-reality simulation is very powerful!

3. Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Hidalgo Creates the First Simulation Center in Latin America (4.1M Views on Youtube)

Rounding out the English videos, here in Spanish Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Hidalgo (UAEH) explains how they have been able to create the first simulation center in Latin America, CLEMPS. This video shows the UAEH’s simulation center facilities and explains various processes they use to train their students.

2. #WelcomePaul – Introduction to Paul, World’s First High-Emotion Pre-term Simulator from SIMCharacters (6.1 Million Views on Facebook) – Produced by!

Shared here is a video about Paul’s story, but you’ll have to visit Facebook to see the World’s #2 Healthcare Simulation Video as it can’t be embedded here! SIMCharacters is a Vienna-based company “that has forever changed the way neonatology trains”, by releasing Paul: the World’s First High Emotion Preterm Simulator.

#1. CAE LucinaAR Augmented Reality Birthing Simulator with Microsoft HoloLens Short Video Intro (10M Views on Youtube)

CAE LucinaAR with Microsoft HoloLens is the world’s first #augmentedreality birthing simulator w/mother-baby physiology. Competency in shoulder dystocia deliveries is improved with #LucinaAR as learners experience 3D visualization of the fetus passing through the birth canal.


Perhaps so many of these top videos are concerned with OB emergencies, as even recently CBS News reported that “U.S. “most dangerous” place to give birth in developed world, USA Today investigation finds“. Healthcare needs more training in OB emergencies — clearly.

Have another high performing video to share? Leave us a comment below to share your favorite simulation in healthcare video link!

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