July 18, 2018By Lance Baily

Train Cardiology Fellows with U/S Mentor’s TEE Module From 3D Systems

3D Systems provides a complete solution for training simulation programs, committed to the advancement of clinical performance and optimization of procedural outcomes through education and collaboration. Recently the company announced a new collaborative with Stryker CMF to become the exclusive distributor of their Virtual Surgical Planning System in the US, Europe, and Australia to meet the needs of surgeons around the world. Today we take a closer look at their Ultrasound Trainer “U/S Mentor” and TEE Module for training Cardiology Fellows.

The U/S Mentor simulator combines realistic male / female mannequins with true-to-life external landmarks and realistic virtual patients for the practice of scanning and diagnosing various anatomies and pathologies. Training on the simulator provides a true-to-life experience, using emulated ultrasound probes for transthoracic, transabdominal, transesophageal and transvaginal procedures. The platform includes an innovative all-in-one computer with large high definition multi-touch screen. The configuration is enhanced by a wireless keyboard, a wireless mouse and a foot switch for simple, convenient user operation.

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The U/S Mentor provides educational and clinical environments for comprehensive training of ultrasound exam protocols:

  • An elegant modular platform supports both desktop and standalone configurations
  • True-to-life, palpable mannequins can be alternated for continuous training
  • Realistic probe switch for immediate alternated approach: TTE/TEE, TAS/TVS
  • A true-to-life complex ultrasound image, presenting common ultrasound attributes and artifacts
  • Basic to advanced image enhancement tools and controls are freely available
  • Advanced diagnostic tools are at the user’s disposal: Color Doppler, CW, PW, M-mode, measurements and more..
  • Realistic anatomies physiology and pathologies offering a diverse range of normal to abnormal scenarios
  • Training to the full extent of the actual procedure: starting with patient complaints and tests, through scanning and documenting, and complete with clinical interpretation and reporting the findings
  • Skill Tasks and Step-by-step Procedural Tasks provide a self-learning opportunity and save valuable faculty time
  • Advanced educational environment optimizes the individual learning curve, offering external visualizations, anatomic labels, tutorials, immediate performance feedback and more.
  • A unique Case Severity feature allows for multiple scenarios creation using a single case, thus tailoring the diagnostic complexity to the learner experience level
  • Ongoing metrics capturing of accuracy and efficacy measurements, image analysis, etc. supports self-progress monitoring, as well as competency assessment by an instructor
  • Both Technical Skills and Diagnostic Interpretation are being practiced, assessed and reported
  • Unique training management system – the MentorLearn offers enhanced capabilities of trainees and training management, including progress monitoring, benchmarks setting, remote access and multiple simulators interface.

3D Systems collaborates with medical experts in order to continuously add training modules for ultrasound-related examinations and procedures. All modules incorporate virtual patients based on real patients with diverse pathologies, abnormalities, and anatomies. Current modules include training curricula for ultrasound examinations performed by radiologists, cardiologists, internists, emergency and critical care physicians, gynecologists and obstetricians. The U/S Mentor is the only training simulator to offer training modules using real ultrasound scans alongside modules based on full virtual reality simulation. One such model is specifically designed for TEE.

Trans Esophageal Echocardiography (TEE) Module

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The Trans Esophageal Echocardiography (TEE) module is designed to provide an enhanced self- training tool using a real modified TEE probe. The module is comprised of 12 different tasks and cases for learning and practicing standard view acquisition and clinical reporting in a full clinical environment. Three of the tasks include step-by-step instructions based on published protocols for cardiology, critical care and emergency physicians. These guided procedural tasks assist in familiarizing the trainee with the scanning protocols, to enable them to appropriately capture the desired standard views and recognize the relevant anatomy. The clinical cases include valvular pathologies, congenital defects and atrial fibrillation. This module includes advanced measurements and imaging modes such as M-mode as well as spectral Doppler with PW and CW for quantitative hemodynamic assessment.

Department of Medicine Feinberg School of Medicine’s Associate Professor ofCardiology Medicine Dr. Jyothy Puthumana, MD, FACC, shared that “We have used the U/S Mentor extensively, and I recommend it very strongly to train fellows in cardiology and cardiac anesthesiology to improve their TEE skills and practice performing comprehensive TEE procedures. The training modules allow for incremental levels of comfort and expertise in being able to acquire the optimal images for accurate diagnosis. This simulator can also be used during CME courses under the guidance of an expert, to assess skill levels and suggest interventions to improve the quality and timeliness of performing comprehensive examinations.” 

Of course, 3D Systems offers a full range of training, virtual reality (VR) simulation, virtual surgical planning, anatomical models, dental and medical device design and manufacturing services.

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