June 25, 2018By Lance Baily

Last Chance to Register for SimGHOSTS 2018 USA Memphis: Simulation Operations Symposium!

Healthcare educators, technical staff, or administrative managers utilizing medical simulation technologies have until the end of this month to secure their registration to the 2018 SimGHOSTS USA Event being held in Memphis at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center. “Anyone who works in healthcare simulation should attend SimGHOSTS!” reminds Simulation Specialist Luther Raechal, as this is the only dedicated, focused, and community-lead organization and event specifically geared towards those managing, engaging with, or utilizing the many technologies required to successfully operate a clinical simulation program. With 15 international events since 2011, SimGHOSTS is the place to be for networking with operational peers, learning the latest technical secret tips, seeing the most innovative simulation technologies, and fun! This year’s Level 3 Healthcare sponsored Opening Reception takes every single participant to the local AAA Redbird’s field for an entire night of Baseball — which includes a special gift!

July 10th Update: The early-bird has ended but there is still time to register to join almost 200 other Simulation Operations staff in Memphis at the end of this month!

Join SimGHOSTS at the 2018 Event to receive affordable hands-on training from global peers & leading vendors in:

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  • Manikin programming & hardware repair
  • A/V system design, integration and consolidation
  • IT networking & debugging
  • Trauma moulage makeup
  • Video production & editing
  • Team communication & leadership
  • Basic medical courses for technical staff
  • Equipment selection & management
  • Career development & staff management
  • Much much more!

SimGHOST 2018 North America USA Annual Event
Platinum Sponsored by Level 3 Healthcare
University of Tennessee
NEW Center for Healthcare Improvement & Patient Simulation
Memphis, Tennessee
Pre-Symposium: July 31st, 2018
Symposium: August 1st – 3rd, 2018


SimGHOSTS 2018 USA Content Sessions Include Topics Such As:

  • Introduction to Moulage: Moulage improves the outcome of training by adding realism to health care scenarios and forcing participants to face realistic injuries and situations in a controlled learning environment. Moulage in nursing, medicine, paramedical and allied health simulations improves learning and take up of skills. During this introductory workshop we will teach techniques suitable for live role players or manikins. This workshop will cover simple techniques used to create injuries and the application and presentation of premade wounds. Facilitated by the Australian Moulage Experts from TraumaSim
  • CHSOS Readiness Review Workshop: Gain the confidence and knowledge you need to become a Certified Healthcare Simulation Operations Specialist (CHSOS) by attending the Society for Simulation in Healthcareʼs (SSH) new CHSOS Exam Review Workshop. Led by well-known, experienced simulation experts, this one day course provides essential information on pursuing certification. Taught by Certified CHSOS Instructors.
  • Exploring Laerdal Software Applications ‐ SimPad PLUS vs. LLEAP: Come learn about the solutions designed to meet the specific needs of your Simulation Lab. Focusing on the LLEAP and SimPad PLUS applications, participants will be able to identify the key differentiating functionalities of the two platforms and have the opportunity for hands-on exploration. Taught by Laerdal Technical Staff.
  • Networked Audio Visual Systems: The presentation will explore how networking technologies and topologies are impacting audio-visual system design and implementation. Topics will include basic network architecture, types of video capture and recording devices, and developments in distributing audio and video signals over standard Ethernet networks.
  • Under the Hood of Ares: This hands-on course will review the most common tips and tricks for identifying and resolving issues with patient simulators. Lessons learned can be put to use across the full array of patient simulators. This session will include mannequin troubleshooting, access, maintenance and tips – Taught by CAE Healthcare Technical Staff.
  • Measuring Competency Based Medical Education – Using Artificial Intelligence to Analyze Curriculum: A hands on demonstration and lecture on innovative Artificial Intelligence driven solutions for migrating medical education programs to a Competency Based Medical Education (CBME) model. Real world examples of the power of machine learning to harvest assessment data across multiple subsystems including education curriculum assessments such as BlackBoard and ExamSoft and active simulation based practice (including A/V). Automate data mapping against core competency measurements such as Entrust-able Professional Activities (EPAs), Body Systems, or Skills.
  • Using xAPI to Collect Learning Data from Simulations: In this Laerdal Sponsored Plenary address, Chad will discuss how CHEST uses xAPI for their live, Difficult Airway Management course. During the course, physicians practice intubation techniques on high-fidelity medical simulators as instructors observe how they perform the procedure via a checklist on an iPad. Previously, only the data from the iPad was transferred to the physician’s transcript in the LMS, and the data stored in the mannequin was unusable. Using xAPI, the simulator’s data was able to be transferred to the LMS using Watershed’s learning record store (LRS). During the session, Chad will share the technical details, best practices, and lessons learned from CHEST’s experience with xAPI.
  • EMS Sponsored Plenary You Are What You Tweet: A Healthcare Simulation Professional’s Guide To Social Media from Famous “Nerdy Nurse” Brittney Wilson: Despite that fact that social media is has become a intertwined with our everyday lives, many healthcare professionals struggle with avoiding its pitfalls and maximizing its benefits. In this session, you’ll gain confidence in using social media to enhance your personal brand or highlight your business service. The session’s focus will be on teaching healthcare-specific best practices. You’ll also learn about search engine rankings, why they matter to healthcare professionals, how they are impacted by social media, and receive clear guidance on how to impact them. Social media is a powerful tool that you can use to make a huge impact.
  • Staffing Overhaul in Simulation Centers by SimGHOSTS Board Member Rachel Bailey: This presentation will involve discussing the importance of a staffing overhaul in simulation centers. Presenters will introduce a new method of staffing simulation centers that will provide professional growth and development to both educators and technologist.
  • And dozens and dozens more…

Join hundreds of Simulation Champions from around the world at our annual international hands-on training events! The “Gathering of Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialists” which will be operating its seventh year as a US-based non-profit 501(c)3 organization based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. The 2018 SimGHOSTS events will provide a meeting place for you to exchange ideas and network with technical peers as well as receive specialized training in the design, selection and application of healthcare simulation technologies. You will also have opportunities to meet with simulation-based vendors to engage with the latest in healthcare education technology.

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SimGHOSTS, aka The Gathering Of Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialists, is an international US-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to supporting individuals and institutions operating medical simulation technology and spaces through: hands-on training events, online resources, and professional development. SimGHOSTS envisions a healthcare education culture where people are empowered to use simulation technology to improve learning and patient care outcomes.

Who Should Attend SimGHOSTS Events?

Anyone involved in the technical operation of a clinical simulation lab, or clinical educators who contribute to the day-to-day operation of simulation spaces. This includes AV and IT department staff members who are responsible for supporting the simulation program.

Educators, game developers, academics and clinicians who are interested in learning more about how to use different simulation modalities to achieve learner outcomes and how to collect data on simulation activities.

Anyone evaluating clinical simulation technology for purchasing decisions should strongly consider attending as many major industry vendors exhibit and/or demonstrate their range at SimGHOSTS events.

About the Brand New CHIPS Simulation Center

The Center for Healthcare Improvement and Patient Simulation (CHIPS) is a world-class, 45,000-square-foot, standalone simulation facility located at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center (UTHSC) in Memphis. CHIPS is dedicated to improving healthcare training and positively affecting patient safety. Students from the six colleges at UTHSC – Dentistry, Graduate Health Sciences, Health Professions, Medicine, Nursing, and Pharmacy – participate in activities at CHIPS. CHIPS is also a resource to UTHSC residency programs and UTHSC’s local clinical partners.

Register Here to Secure Your Access Pass Today!

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