July 19, 2018By Lance Baily

SiMedic Provides Solutions for Emergency Medical & Tactical Teams

Israel’s SiMedic provides realistic simulation solutions for training of emergency medical and tactical teams. ​Studies have shown that using realistic simulation in medical training has a high impact on the levels of preparedness of emergency caregivers and recommends integrating high-fidelity simulation into initial and ongoing medical training. ​SiMedic’s approach is to deliver end-to-end solutions for emergency medical professionals includes providing medical content along with the effects to enable dynamic scenarios for maximal training effectiveness. ​

Their solutions are developed by experienced emergency medical providers and educators to fill the gap between the need of realistic solutions and the limitations of other options. The SiMedic Trauma team each bring their own direct expertise to benefit their clients specific training needs. All of their simulation solutions are very realistic, quick & easy to apply, and very effective as a learning tool, by providing a high-fidelity simulation in any prehospital setting.

Products & Services Available from SiMedic

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SimWear Simulated Trauma “Shirts”: This unique line of products integrates highly realistic wound effects in outer clothing. The clothes are strategically torn to reveal the wound and surrounding simulated skin. This solution enables the wearer to achieve any effect within moments. ​The effects are realistic and durable, making them ideal for drills in any type of setting. ​ Wounds include gunshot wounds, stab wounds, amputations, compound fractures, lacerations, embedded objects, burns, crush injuries and more. ​ Some models include special elements such as tubing for bleeding mechanisms, simulated blood vessels and more.

Drill Packages for Mass Casualty Incidents (MCI): SiMedics’s special MCI Drill kits provide the perfect solution for mass-casualty incident training. They supply all that is needed for the medical training aspect including content which brings the drill effectiveness to a new level. Their specialized props combined with planning the dynamic scenario for every simulated patient and packaged according to the clients needs allows for quick preparation of a drill of any size in a very short time. The MCI drill kits are durable, adaptable and can be used in any setting.

Trauma Care Individual Work Stations: Their portable trauma work stations bring our clients and end-to-end solution enabling student to get practical training in trauma emergency care using high fidelity simulation in their own classroom or other chosen setting. Trauma work stations are especially relevant for learners during the course and as part of the practical test which is part of the certification process at the end of the course. They are also ideal for using in continuing-education sessions for certified EMS personnel.

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Simedic Trauma is an Israeli start-up company founded by Tova and Boaz Cern in August 2016, with the goal of making realistic trauma training available to emergency medical and tactical personnel by providing accessible and affordable tools. ​ A longtime EMS educator, an artist and volunteer EMT for over two decades, Tova saw a need for accessible high-fidelity simulation solutions specifically for professional emergency response teams in the pre-hospital setting. Knowing first-hand what the available options were and their limitations, she set out to develop new ways to provide caregivers with trauma effects that are extremely realistic, easy to use and quick to apply at any setting.

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