Amoveo Training is Driving Healthcare Simulation Education Forward in Canada with Innovative Wound Trainers & Consulting Services

Amoveo Training Inc. is improving medical simulation education and training in Canada. With almost a decade of simulation expertise they are proud to contribute to patient and learner safety across the country, raising the bar of excellence in healthcare education. Providing for both a range of new simulation products and consulting services, the group is ready to support Canadian-based healthcare simulation programs go farther and faster then ever before! Amoveo Training is lead by Matthew Jubelius who brings a wealth of simulation-based education and training expertise. As an international lecturer on clinical simulation he has contributed to industry committees on local, provincial and national levels, having also helped to design simulation programs for both government and private industry sectors.

Matthew was selected from a national search to provide consultation and subject matter expertise for the Defense Research and Development Canada (DRDC), an agency he helped to further explore the benefits of immersive training and simulation. More recently, he and Amoveo Training have taken up the call to help improve the realism of simulators, especially around negative wound pressure therapy and skill transfer. Nurse educators have said that these wound trainers “move like realistic skin when negative pressure wound therapy was applied”.

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Amoveo Training Inc. website suggests that they can design the perfect solutions for simulation educators and programs with customized task trainers that respond like human tissue. “Each organization has different challenges and needs a customized approach. Some organizations focus on deep tissue wounds, some on large and complex injuries. Our approach is collaborative, we aim to understand what our clients need and find an exact solution they need.” Matthew suggested to us that what sets Amoveo Training apart from other simulation companies is their ability to customize expert trainer solutions specific to client needs while maintaining high levels of realism at an affordable rate. Tested and approved by hospital-based wound educators, Amoveo Training tissues are said to respond and perform at the highest level of clinical education.

Custom Consulting

Amoveo Training solutions can also increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your business and improve your operations. They utilize a comprehensive review of your data sources to understand how future employee development can be best designed to help increase staff performance. Utilizing years of experience, Amoveo Training can provide their clients with the best possible pathways for organizational success. Their team members have designed simultaneous training scenarios and offered performance-based debriefing for industrial organizations to help take their emergency response teams to the next level.


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Amoveo Training Support Can Include

  • Consulting services for simulation program development
  • Training of technical and operational staff, faculty and instructors
  • Design and manufacturing of customized simulated tissues and wounds
  • Simulation-based education and training services. We design, implement, debrief and evaluate experiences and programs
  • Quality improvement and operational development

Jackie Velcoff, Executive Director of HALO (Helicopter Assisted Lift Operations) shared that “We have had the pleasure of using Amoveo Training’s services and had an outstanding experience with Matthew and his team! They provided exceptional service, expertise, friendliness and truly care about helping build great communities! Amoveo Training helped take our vision to the next level & offered critical support throughout the project.”

Amoveo Training Can Serve to Support Any of the Following Industries

  • First Response and Emergency Team Training
  • Industrial Training
  • Critical Incident Debriefing
  • Safety Program Development
  • Healthcare, Nursing and Medical Simulation
  • Operations Management
  • Employee Health and Safety
  • Corporate Development and Management
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Higher Education
  • Simulated Tissue and Task Trainer Development

The company are a pre-qualified service provider under the Government of Alberta Education in the areas of Management Consultative Services, Human Resource Programs Services, and Performance Measurements & Planning Consultative Services. Call on them today to take your Canadian simulation program to the next level!

Learn more about how Amoveo Training can help your Canadian simulation program today!

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