May 31, 2018By Lance Baily

B-Line Medical’s Latest SimCapture Pro Has Extremely Small Hardware Footprint – IMSH 2018 Video Interview

B-Line Medical’s Co-Founder Lucas Huang provided an exclusive video interview with at IMSH 2018 to showcase their new low-hardware-profile yet high-functioning high-quality SimCapture Pro. The box which can easily sit in the palm of your hand is enabling Simulation in Healthcare programs to engage with cloud-based recording, debriefing, and performance tracking. The new systems includes the small (4.5″x4.5″) SimCapture Node capture device with cloud centralization and backup, two HD cameras with integrated boundary microphones and an optional medical device capture for equipment like EKG, Ultrasound, or EMR. We were impressed with the robust features list for a device with such a small footprint, which you can see for yourself in the exclusive HealthySim video below!

SimCapture Pro Specifications

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  • Synchronized capture of multiple camera angles
  • Simulator data capture and visualization
  • Medical device capture (EKG, Ultrasound, EMR)
  • Learner and faculty tracking and portfolios
  • Video annotation and session self reflection
  • Debrief from anywhere using just a browser
  • Learner, faculty and facility usage reports
  • Customizable scenarios, roles and permissions
  • Share sessions securely with anyone in the world
  • Flexible and scalable – one room or many
  • Secure, mobile-friendly and cloud-based
  • Best-in-class training and 24/7 Support
  • Seamless upgrade path to SimCapture Enterprise

Video Driven Improvement

SimCapture Pro leverages a remarkably small on-site audiovisual footprint and a fully cloud-based software and storage infrastructure to remove traditional pain-points associated with audiovisual installations and IT maintenance. Thanks to subscription pricing, any size healthcare simulation program can now benefit from B-Line Medical’s best-in-class simulation management platform. Should your program outgrow SimCapture Pro, you can seamlessly upgrade to SimCapture Enterprise.

Fully Cloud-based and Secure

SimCapture Pro’s turnkey solution is based in a secure cloud environment that eliminates the hassle and expense of a local centralization server. Security features include encrypted data transfer, data redundancy, and role-based security. Its “Vue” Interface is mobile friendly allowing for debriefing or administrative work on a tablet.

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Affordable Subscription Pricing

With subscription pricing and no elaborate audiovisual or IT infrastructure to worry about, Any educator can now capitalize on the power of a comprehensive video-driven learning platform. Community college, first responder, psychology, and allied health educators can all benefit and leverage SimCapture Pro thanks to its unique feature set to price ratio. Contact us to learn more about SimCapture Pro can benefit your healthcare education program.

Learn more by visiting B-Line Medical’s SimCapture Pro site today!

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