May 4, 2018By Lance Baily

Innov2Learn Provides Innovative Gluco, Thermo & Oxi Simulators – IMSH 2018 Interview

Canadian-based Innov2Learn was at IMSH 2018 where HealthySim was able to learn more about their innovative Glucometer, Thermometer, and Oximeter simulators. Founder Mike Boutin walked us through their product lineup, sharing the fast, simple, and reliable tools which can help to increase the realism of your healthcare simulation experiences. We were impressed with the realism of the devices which were controlled by a downloadable app (iOS & Android) for quick connections and instant control based directly on real-time actions of your learners. The tools will work great for both simulators and standardized patients.

Use the free SYHM app to communicate with Innov2Learn simulation tools, using bluetooth low energy technology. Only the hardware is required to purchase for the three product ranges that work like the real thing:

  • Gluco can simulate use the blood strip
  • Thermo can simulate use of the probe
  • Oxy can simulate the use of the finger

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Born from a University engineering challenge, Innov2learn has become a new company in the healthcare simulation space providing unique products that are in need. If you have a project idea they are looking for additional niches to support so be sure to reach out to them.

Learn more on the Innov2Learn website today!

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