3 Unique Nurse Task Training Wearables Now Available from RealityWorks

Realityworks recently announced three new products for healthcare education and nursing training: a Geriatric Medication Management Simulation Kit, a Hemiplegia Simulator, and a Blood Pressure Simulator. These new learning aids join a line of health science training tools aimed at engaging today’s students in high-demand healthcare fields, training them on various nursing procedures and helping them develop key soft skills like empathy and sensitivity toward the elderly. These new products join dozens others that specifically address infant, geriatric and nursing simulated training needs.

“As the skills gap continues to widen in health science fields, more Career & Technical Education programs are being asked for help filling the gap with students who are skilled,” said Denise Bodart, Realityworks RealCare Product Manager. “Tools like these, which engage students with realistic, hands-on learning opportunities, are a natural extension of our existing health science product line. Like our other simulators, we believe that if students ‘walk in the shoes’ of a patient suffering from hemiplegia or visual impairments, greater sensitivity and empathy will be learned, leading to better caregiving on the job.”

By simulating the struggles of real patients, these interactive, low-fidelity learning aids enable health science instructors to create one-of-a-kind training scenarios that bring lessons to life. Each learning aid is paired with comprehensive curriculum that focuses on specific procedures, enabling students to learn targeted job skills plus soft, patient-focused care skills.

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New RealityWorks Tools Include:

  1. The Geriatric Medication Management Simulation Kit, which lets students experience sorting multiple prescriptions while encumbered by visual and tactile impairments.
  2. The Hemiplegia Simulator, which enables students to complete daily tasks while suffering from paralysis on one side of the body.
  3. The Blood Pressure Simulator, which allows students to practice taking blood pressure on manikins or their peers using randomly generated, real-life scenarios.

“Instructors have told us how important it is for students to understand the challenges that patients face every day, but empathy is difficult to teach,” said Realityworks President & CEO Timm Boettcher. “Through engaging, hands-on learning experiences, these products help healthcare students develop relevant clinical skills, plus the empathy and sensitivity they’ll need to provide better care for future patients.” Realityworks continues to look for other product development opportunities in areas with a skills gap to engage today’s students in needed career fields.

About Realityworks, Inc.

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Established over 20 years ago to better address teen pregnancy prevention, parenting skills, child abuse and neglect through educational products, Realityworks, Inc. is dedicated to creating experiential learning tools that engage students, teach needed skills and provide career exploration opportunities. Most famous for their RealCare Baby infant simulator (formerly known as Baby Think it Over or BTIO), Realityworks now provides comprehensive learning solutions that pair curriculum with hands-on learning aids, student activities and assessment tools to create innovative learning environments.

These solutions are used in middle, secondary and post-secondary schools to address a variety of Career & Technical Education pathways, including health & human services, health sciences, welding and trade skills, agriculture education, sex education and more. With simulators in 62 percent of U.S. school districts and programs in more than 90 countries around the world, Realityworks has already made a worldwide impact.

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