March 21, 2018By Lance Baily

AiSolve Helps Lead the Way for VR Training in Healthcare with GAIA, VRSims and Children’s Hospital LA Study

In less than 50 years, Healthcare Simulation will see a massive expansion in the use of Virtual Reality — along with every other career that requires hand-eye coordination in high-stakes scenarios. AiSolve is one of the companies in VR helping to build that future. Recently they completed a VR project with Children’s Hospital Los Angeles which provided artificial intelligent interactions for learners with real-time automatic environment and patient changes.

About the GAIA Platform & VRSims in Healthcare

GAIA is a platform crafted to meet a growing global demand for intelligent and responsive VR and MR content. With GAIA, businesses have an affordable, efficient resource to support their app and content development needs embedded by AI. Building, customizing and managing in-house apps becomes simple and cost-effective. To drive inspiration, they have launched their own products WePlayVR and VRSims powered by GAIA. VRSims training modules allow users to smoothly enter virtual worlds and learn from interacting with these immersive environments that are intelligent and responsive to the user’s behavior. The content is custom developed using your subject matter expertise and programmed to meet your specific training or learning requirements and provide powerful analytics for tracking achievements.

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With VRSims, medical students, doctors, nurses and health care providers can practice and perfect their skills in a no risk virtual environment. Plus, using their AI-embedded system provides a cost-effective, customizable and convenient platform with learning management software tools for tailored learning. VRSims customers in the medical field can harness immersive training simulations to accelerate valuable skills refinement that will save time and resources, but most importantly lives.

VRSims Provides for Healthcare Simulation in these domains:

  • Basic and advanced technique practice
  • Equipment training
  • High-stakes low-frequency scenarios
  • Instrument training
  • Patient empathy practice
  • Procedure practice
  • Patient care training
  • Surgery Simulations

Children’s Hospital L.A. Collaborates with AiSolve for VR Training

In early 2017, AiSolve worked with Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) to create two  life-saving medical VR simulation modules to help train the med students, residents and doctors making diagnoses and administering treatment on medicine’s youngest and most vulnerable patients.

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While pre-production, pre-visualisation and asset creation took place in Los Angeles, AiSolve’s engineering team in the UK got to work customizing the VRSims platform to accommodate the CHLA medical VR simulations. This included in-depth planning sessions to prepare VRSims for CHLA’s specific requirements for simulating a six month old having a seizure (module 1) and a seven year old in anaphylaxis shock (module 2). Motion capture occurred from real doctors and nurses, whose actions would be translated to character models by our AiSolve team in the Unity engine as well. Every detail, down to the actual medical equipment and instruments, were recreated in LA and handed over to us to integrate and program into our VRSims platform.

The virtual characters within the modules would be the most important feature of the modules. Their ability to realistically react and respond to the med students actions in real time would be critical to the simulation’s success. AiSolve’s artificial intelligence framework, called GAIA, is built on top of Unity, would form the backbone for character interaction, as well as other aspects of responsive interactivity within the modules. The characters have coding which enables them to constantly analyze the situation and react accordingly. The code also allowed for dynamic patient changes, such as real-time cyanosis of the patient’s skin which directly correlated to real-time oxygen saturation, not artificially influenced by pre-scripted events.

For the CHLA Medical VR Simulation project, AiSolve integrated their powerful analytics framework which enabled them to capture vast records of data for utilization by CHLA for an upcoming study.

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