April 12, 2018By Lance Baily

SIMmersion Provides PC-Based Simulated Communication Training

Looking for controlled communication based training outside of a Standardized Patient Program? Consider SIMmersion, a computer-based simulation platform providing healthcare communication training opportunities.

Textbooks, e-learning systems, and classroom lectures present content in a rigid structure, and can make it difficult for students to focus on the knowledge they consider relevant. SIMmersion systems let players navigate freely through educational materials to zero in on what matters most to them. Their convenient training portal lets players access our systems online whenever and wherever they want. This flexible approach to learning puts students in control of their own education.

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“SIMmersion simulation training users found it easy to use, enjoyed the experience, and thought it realistic and helpful. Almost all described the interview as anxiety provoking but said that the anxiety diminished as they became more skilled. They saw the benefit of its special features such as the Coach and the transcript, and they believed that they could learn the skills being taught through these methods.”
-Morris Bell, Ph.D. Yale University School of Medicine.

SIMmersion Domains Include:

  • Military: Activate and reinforce difficult interpersonal skills through engaging virtual role-plays with high replay value. Realistic conversations provide the same training experience to players anywhere in the world at any time in a platform-agnostic format.
  • Healthcare: Realistic healthcare conversations can help practitioners prepare for important conversations with patients and build skills in a consequence-free virtual environment.
  • Legal & Law Enforcement: SIMmersion Training systems help law enforcement and legal personnel refine the approach they need for success, without the high stakes of having real cases on the line.
  • Business & Management: Helps people at any level in an organization build skills in the important workplace interactions that matter most to their jobs.
  • Education & Social: Unique training systems can help players in education and social services walk their way through important conversations in a risk-free virtual setting, so they’re ready for success in the real situation.

Whether helping people with autism practice social skills, giving doctors realistic experience conducting brief interventions, or coaching those with mental illness in how to excel on job interviews, SIMmersion systems can make a difference in the lives of people across the healthcare system.

Learn more on the SIMmersion website today!

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