January 29, 2018By Lance Baily

UPMC’s WISER Director Dr. Paul Phrampus Shares Simulation Tips Through Video

Dr. Paul Phrampus, Medical Director for Patient Safety at UPMC and Director of their WISER Center, provided us with two recent videos tips covering gaining faculty support and increasing learner engagement for simulation. The WISER team regularly puts out these simulation in healthcare tutorial videos to help your program start and grow — all of which you can watch for free by subscribing to their youtube channel linked from their website. In the video shared below, Dr. Paul Phrampus demonstrates one way that the WISER Simulation Information Management System provides support to teaching faculty.

Other topics WISER has covered which you can find through their website include: A Day In the Life of a WISER Sim Specialist, Homemade PVC Camera Hangers, Faculty Success Through Collaboration, WISER Curriculum Development and Faculty Support, and Simulation Programs, Hospitals and Health Systems: Where is the organizational fit? Did you know that HealthySimulation.com has previously interviewed Paul for exclusive simulation strategies?

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The Peter M. Winter Institute for Simulation Education and Research (WISER) is a world class multidisciplinary training and research facility. WISER is an institute of the University of Pittsburgh with a mission to conduct research and training programs utilizing simulation based education to provide a safer environment for patients of the UPMC and its affiliates. A particular focus of the WISER simulation curriculum is patient safety involving all types of healthcare providers including students and practicing professionals such as physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists, pharmacists and many others.

Gain more of such valuable tutorials through WISER’s courses:

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  • iSim Debriefing, Facilitation, and More
  • Designing or Enhancing Your Simulation Center
  • Facilitator Training Series: Introduction to – Facilitation and Debriefing
  • Laerdal Simulation Installation and Programming
  • How to Run a Successful Simulation Center
  • TechSim

Visit the WISER website for more valuable simulation resources!

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