March 23, 2012By Lance Baily

FDA uses Manikin to Demonstrate Medical Device Errors

The Food and Drug Associate used a Manikin used to demonstrate medical device error.  The pictures provide great detailed are so well done I thought it might give you ideas for your medical simulation and skills lab courses!  Photos like this can help learners, faculty or staff remember key details for manikin setups.  Thanks to Crystal Mendez from St. Philip’s College in San Antonio Texas for the link.

Photo. Oxygen tubing erroneously connected to a needleless IV port on mannequin’s forearm.

EVENT: Oxygen tubing erroneously connected to a needleless IV port

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  • A patient’s oxygen tubing became disconnected from his nebulizer and was accidentally reattached to his IV tubing Y-site by a staff member who was completing a double shift
  • The patient died from an air embolism, even though the connection was broken within seconds

THE JOINT COMMISSION SAFETY TIP: Identify and manage conditions and practices that may contribute to healthcare worker fatigue, and take appropriate action

Check out the complete FDA medical error page for more examples.

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