January 15, 2018By Lance Baily

SynDaver Doubles Down & Acquires Another Company: MDT Technologies at IMSH 2018

Following the yesterday’s announcement that Syndaver acquired Lifecast Body Simulation they are pleased to announce the further acquisition of MDT Global Solutions by the Syndaver team!

MDT are a British company with three key areas to their portfolio: Medical Education, Disaster Relief, and Technology development with clients that include the International Red Cross, the Red Crescent, and disaster relief teams throughout the Middle East and Europe.

The products developed by MDT will now be distributed by Syndaver around the world and include solutions such as the “Fold Away Ambulance Space” and other products which compliment the Lifecast / Syndaver products. Fold away ambulance spaces were commissioned from MDT by the Advanced Life Support Group in the UK for their safe transfer and retrieval courses, with many product development interventions satisfied with their high expectations of realism, and student experience.”

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MDT Co-Founders Rob Clark and Dave Halliwell were Gold commanders for the 2012 Olympic Games and have an incredible passion and understanding of the operational and strategic simulation techniques. They recently undertook disaster relief education projects in Qatar, Lebannon, and Jordan.

Joining Syndaver, Lifecast Body Simulations and MDT Global Solutions create an amazing opportunity to transfer the technologies and learning into Military, EMS and government agencies worldwide.

Learn more on the SynDaver Website

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