CAE Healthcare METI at IMSH 2012

METI, now a brand name of CAE Healthcare, was at IMSH 2012 this year demonstrating the company’s continued commitment to being a leader in healthcare education.  At IMSH, I spoke with Regional Sales Director Brian Donohue about what this merger means for the medical simulation community as well as what we can expect from CAE Healthcare in 2012.

Also, be sure to check out my preview demonstration of the CAE Viamedix Ultrasound Simulator.  What really excites me about this merger is the amazing potential CAE now has to bring lessons learned from over half-a-century of simulation in aviation and other massive industries to the medical simulation community.

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Now that METI is under the umbrella of CAE Healthcare and will have access to all this additional experiences I have a strong feeling we will be seeing a lot more trend-setting announcements from the company in the years to come.

Check out this amazing CAE 3000 helicopter simulator to see what I am talking about!

 Visit CAE Healthcare and METI to learn more.

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