January 18, 2018By Dr. Kim Baily

UB Opens New Behling Simulation Center with IPE In Mind

Recently New York’s University of Buffalo opened a brand new Behling Simulation Center, with interprofessional education in mind! The massive $375 million, 628,000-square-foot building was funded in part by the NYSUNY 2020 Challenge Grant. The new building allows the medical school to increase its class size by 25 percent, from 144 to 180 students and by 2021, the school’s enrollment will reach 720 students. The school was named in honor of Jeremy M. Jacobs and family who donated $30 million.

The sixth floor of the building houses the Behling Simulation Center named for Ralph Behling MD who graduated from the University in 1943. Dr. Behling was the first physician in Buffalo to use injected penicillin to fight infection. The mission of the center is to serve in a position of leadership to foster highly collaborative, interprofessional health sciences education between the students and faculty of the UB Academic Health Sciences Center Schools in the application and use of simulation technologies for the improvement of health care education. The center is committed to Interprofessional Education (IPE) education, evaluation and research. Simulations will require that learners from different health science schools intermix during scenarios. Following a month of setup and testing, the first simulations will be conducted in early February 2018. The simulation was previously housed in the old campus.

The center aims to prepare and support simulation faculty in all common methodologies including standardized patients, human patient simulators, virtual reality technology, and task trainers. In addition, the center hopes to encourage research publications, host meetings and obtain grant funding.

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The center is an 11,000 sq. ft., area that includes:

  • Eight Flexible Clinical Rooms — each room can be transformed to meet the needs of nearly any environment,
    • eg: an external environment street scene or park, Emergency Department, In-Patient Hospital room, Intensive Care Unit, Operating Room, Outpatient Clinic office, Dental office, Triage Unit, etc.
  • A dedicated Surgical/Anesthesia Suite, complete with external hand-washing/preparation station
  • One Home Care Room
  • Two Central Patient Care stations, located at each end of the facility, simulating two different wards of a Health Care Center.
  • Large Pharmacy Office
  • Control Room
    • Two Rooms located at the center of the facility, one hosting two workstations, the second hosting four workstations.
    • Each workstation has the ability to control any of our mannequins, record any audio/video source, and  communicate with any clinical room or page the entire facility.
    • Each station also has the video annotation capabilities allowing the facilitator to code their videos live or in recorded modes.
  • Large Reception and Administrative Area
  • Locker Rooms
  • Four 21 person Debriefing Rooms — each equipped with B-Line Educational displays and have the ability to remotely view any room in the center
  • Access to two Larger 27 person educational rooms
  • Green Room for Faculty/Staff/Confederates
  • Handicap Access

The facility may be used by students from all five Health Science schools, Social Work, Law School and School of Management as well as external entities such as the medical programs of D’youville and Daemen College, Catholic Health Care Services, Buffalo Medical Group, Biomedical development companies, etc.

The center will offer over 50 scenarios for learners including scenarios related to traumatic injury, pediatric septic shock, kidney disease and teen pregnancy

All simulation faculty are required to complete a Sim Essentials course which is composed of online training followed by a daylong practice session. Following the training, the simulation faculty will be mentored by an experienced facilitator/debriefer. Faculty are expected to maintain competency and must facilitate and debrief four 4 hour immersive simulation sessions per year.

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Today’s article was guest authored by Kim Baily PhD, MSN, RN, CNE, Simulation Coordinator for Los Angeles Harbor College. Over the past 15 years Kim has developed and implemented several college simulation programs and currently chairs the Southern California Simulation Collaborative.

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