December 6, 2017By Lance Baily

Customizable Simulator for Under $10K? Meet the New SynDaver Advanced Modular Mannequin

What if you could specifically design a trauma wound for your advanced patient simulator, 3D print the limb, and use quick adapters to easily connect it — without ever having to leave your sim lab? Well, the newly launched SynDaver Advanced Modular Mannequin (SAMM) is currently the only manikin in the world that can do just that! Constructed out of ruggedized 3D printed armor, SAMM is aimed at both the nursing community as well as the pre-hospital community. SAMM is capable of creating an unrivaled learning platform that is fully customizable, unlike anything we have seen before. And what’s even more incredible? Promotional pricing is $9998 for SAMM but for a limited time only!

SAMM’s features include:

  • SynDaver proprietary soft tissue airway-the most realistic and accurate airway on the market. Students can manage with BVM, ETT, and all recognized airway adjuncts
  • Automated breathing- the only simulator mannequin in this price range to offer spontaneous (user-controlled) chest rise and fall
  • Appropriate synchronized breath sounds
  • CPR capability with appropriate user feedback
  • Automated pulses at the carotid, radial, and pedal pulse points utilizing fluid to generate the pulses- identical to a real human patient
  • Interchangeable genitalia that allows for catheterization
  • IV  Capable
  • I/O capable at the humeral head
  • A fully integrated wireless tablet with monitored physiology display

SAMM Modularity

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The SAMM Mannequin is the only truly customizable mannequin on the market. This means that you receive:

  • CAD architecture and software so that you can custom design elements of the mannequin yourself, such as a traumatic amputation or a new arm
  • A SynDaver 3D printer that allows you to print your new pieces and instructions on integration
  • An IMSH precourse lesson which covers the software so that you are capable of designing and printing mannequin parts and accessories

By providing the CAD architecture SynDaver believes they are giving the power back to the user to imagine the possibilities of custom design. In the near future, the company plans to incorporate an online community that will allow users to share design ideas with colleagues around the world. Wow — talk about a sim techs dream machine!

About SynDaver

SynDaver Labs designs and builds the world’s most sophisticated synthetic human tissues and body parts. The SynDaver Synthetic Human bleeds, breathes, and employs hundreds of replaceable muscles, bones, organs, veins and arteries – all made from materials that mimic the mechanical, thermal, and physicochemical properties of live tissue. This validated technology is used to replace live animals, cadavers and even human patients in medical device studies, clinical training and surgical simulation.

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Learn more about the SAMM on the SynDaver Website!

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