November 2, 2017By Lance Baily

Dr. Fatimah Leteef S3 Plenary: High Performance Teams Through Simulated Learning Environments

On the final day of the inaugural S3 Singapore Healthcare Simulation Collaborative conference between SingHealth, SESAM, and SimGHOSTS, Dr. Fatimah Lateef provided the morning plenary on how to achieve High Performance Teams through Simulated Learning Environments.

Some of the key takeaways from Dr. Lateef’s plenary:

Values of high performance team for best practice behavioral markers include situational awareness, closed loop communications and a shared mental model.

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We can learn from Aviation’s Crisis Resource Management which points to knowing your environment, anticipate and plan, calling for help early, exercising leadership and followership, distributing the workload, mobilizing all available resources and more.

Ownership Mentality is a crucial element for team performance success, which calls for Members to be imbued with self identity that relates to the whole. When each person knows their role and their responsibility through repetitive simulated practices over and over, you gain higher quality in less time. Teaching pattern recognition allows for training to become embedded with memories.

Additionally Fatimah Reminded Us:

  • Challenges include lack of confidence, unfamiliarity of clinical skills, and poor execution of team training.
  • Transform the belief system, change perspectives, and recognize the only constant in the human experience is change.
  • Designing transformation learning environments is to frame teaching and learning around building learning communities, and promote the idea of creating ecologies where communities can interact and grow.
  • Players must be able to interact, have a community of practice, reconceptualize the role of teachers and learners, have a shared mental framework, mental models and goals

In closing, she reminded us that simulation can be central as a form of systems integration across teams, and that TEAM stands for: Together Everyone Achieves More!

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