October 12, 2017By Lance Baily

AHRQ Grant: Advances in Patient Safety Through Simulation Research

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) is interested in funding a diverse set of projects that develop, test and evaluate various simulation approaches for the purpose of improving the safe delivery of health care. Simulation in health care serves multiple purposes. As a training technique, it exposes individuals and teams to realistic clinical challenges through the use of mannequins, task trainers, virtual reality, standardized patients or other forms, and allows participants to experience in real-time the consequences of their decisions and actions. The principal advantage of simulation is that it provides a safe environment for health care practitioners to acquire valuable experience without putting patients at risk. Simulation also can be used as a test-bed to improve clinical processes and to identify failure modes or other areas of concern in new procedures and technologies that might otherwise be unanticipated and serve as threats to patient safety. Yet another application of simulation focuses on the establishment of valid and reliable measures of clinical performance competency and their potential use for credentialing and certification purposes. The foremost aim of the announcement is to advance patient safety. Keeping this aim in mind, applications that address a variety of simulation techniques, clinical settings, provider groups, priority populations, and patient conditions are welcomed.

*UPDATE* These funding opportunities are now over

Document Type: Grants Notice

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Funding Opportunity Number: PA-16-420

Funding Opportunity Title: Advances in Patient Safety through Simulation Research (R18)

Opportunity Category: Discretionary Opportunity

Category Explanation: Funding

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Instrument Type: Grant

Category of Funding Activity: Health

Expected Number of Awards: CFDA Number(s): 93.226 — Research on Healthcare Costs, Quality and Outcomes

Applications may be up to 5 years in duration with a budget supported by AHRQ not to exceed $400,000 total costs (direct and indirect costs) in any given year. An application with a budget that exceeds $400,000 total costs in any given year or 5 years in duration will not undergo peer review. Funding beyond the first year will be contingent upon a review and acceptance by Agency staff of the annual progress report. It should be noted that one’s research aims should determine the budget and years of funding requested, and not the maximum amounts and years allowed. AHRQ welcomes simulation research efforts of varying sizes.

For those interested in healthcare simulation military trauma robotics development, there is also a federal funding opportunity number: W81XWH-17-MSISRP-FOR, titled “DoD Medical Simulation and Information Sciences, Toward A Next-Generation Trauma Care Capability: Foundational Research for Autonomous, Unmanned, and Robotics Development of Medical Technologies (FORwARD) Award”.

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