September 23, 2017By Lance Baily

CC Existential Friday: Are You Real or Just a Simulation?

CCCC Since it’s Friday we thought it might be fun to bring even more simulation into your weekend by sharing this new video from the fun youtube group Kurzgesagt. The group attempts to explain the universe and our existence one video at a time, and today’s video questions whether we are real — or just living in a simulation?

Our senses can only process a fraction of the world, but technological progress not only widen our knowledge about our universe but also made us aware of unsettling possibilities. If we can simulate games, it may be only a matter of time before we can simulate the universe. And if that is true, how do we know we aren’t the simulation? The minimum requirement is only the consciousness of our human subjects and the surroundings to place them within. There are five conditions that must be met to know if we are simulated… watch the great animation video to hear them all!

Happy Weekend Sim Champs!

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