September 21, 2017By Lance Baily

Gaumard Launches New Premie HAL 24 Week Newborn Skills Trainer

In the past two years manikin manufacturers have further entered into the premature infant category and today comes another such announcement from Gaumard with their just launched 24-week infant called Premie HAL 24-Week Preterm Newborn Skills Trainer s108.100. Right off the bat we are impressed that the model comes in three shakes of skin color, a feature which has in the past taken years for companies to incorporate into their models. The s108 features realistic lungs that support positive-pressure ventilation devices, manual pulses in brachial, femoral, umbilical, and fontanelle, airway landmarks, and vascular access via hand, scalp, and umbilicus. The device is set in the low-fidelity price range at only $1495.

More About S108 From the Gaumard Website

PREMIE HAL S108.100 is a lifelike, 24-week premature infant simulator designed specifically to meet the training needs of healthcare professionals caring for premature newborns from birth to NICU. At only 1.3 pounds, PREMIE HAL features a realistic airway and true-to-life lung compliance, which enables participants to rehearse airway management, resuscitation, and advanced respiratory support. Ideal for both skills training and scenario-based exercises, PREMIE HAL allows care providers to develop the clinical-know-how and confidence to care for the most vulnerable of patients.

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Resuscitation and Stabilization: Visible chest rise and realistic chest recoil Manual Pulses: Brachial, Femoral, Umbilical, and Fontanelle UVC/UAC sampling and infusion

Respiratory Support: True-to-life lung compliance Visible chest rise following recommended flow, PIP, and PEEP values Supports standard positive pressure devices: BVM, CPAP, and Mechanical ventilators.

gaumard premature infant

Product Features
  • Age: 24 Week preterm neonate
  • Length: 12.5″ (31.75 cm)
  • Weight: 1.3lbs (.59 kg)
  • Lifelike, anatomically accurate oral cavity and airway
  • Lifelike gums and appropriate sized tongue
  • Endotracheal intubation
  • Sellick maneuver
  • Nose and oral cavity suction
  • True-to-life lung compliance
  • Visible chest rise following recommended flow, PIP, and PEEP values
  • Supports standard positive pressure ventilation devices including BVM, CPAP, and mechanical ventilators
  • Pulses (manual)
    •  Brachial
    •  Femoral
    •  Umbilical
    •  Fontanelle
  • Realistic chest recoil during CPR
Vascular Access
  • IV cannulation
    •  Hand
    •  Scalp
    •  UVC/UAC infusion and sampling
  • PICC line placement
  • Navel insert
  • Gastric distention
  • Patent esophagus
  • NG/OG intubation
  • Gastric suction and feeding
 Also Included:
  • 24 week preterm neonate
  • IV bag, stand, and tubing
  • Filling kit
  • Drainage kit
  • Scalp IV inserts
  • Squeeze bulb with tubing kit
  • Navel insert
  • Umbilical cords
  • Replacement left IV arm
  • Baby blanket
  • Diaper
  • Mineral oil lubricant
  • Concentrated blood
  • Medical tape
  • Canvas carrying bag

Learn more about Premie HAL 24-Week on Gaumard’s Website!

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