Anatomy Comes to Life in Augmented Reality with Complete Anatomy 2018

3D4Medical has released the latest update to its award-winning Complete Anatomy platform, bringing the photo-realistic 3D anatomy model into the real world through augmented reality. Complete Anatomy is 3D4Medical’s revolutionary cloud-based education platform that allows users to investigate the minute detail of the human anatomy in incredible 3D. Complete Anatomy 2018 is available from the iPad App Store, but is also available for OS and Windows.

Using ARKit in iOS 11 for iPad, users can place any part of the model, from a single structure to the full body, on a flat surface. Users can then move around the model to examine it from any angle, increase or reduce the scale, and select structures to view related text. Labels and annotations appear as the user explores the model, and structures can be separated with the ‘Explode’ functionality to gain an even greater understanding of the human body. Cut through multiple structures in one go, allowing for a clean slice of any section of the anatomy to gain a clear view of the structures within.

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Access detailed, expert-authored Courses for guided learning through a variety of topics. Begin creating your own content with introductory access to Tools. Plus, get a free three day trial to access to all of Complete Anatomy’s model and features. Gain access to the full 3D anatomical model, including twelve body systems. Create groups to share and collaborate on work with your classmates. Plus, get access to the full Library of pre-prepared content from 3D4Medical.

Today’s article was guest authored by Chris Rooke, Manager of Web Design & Content at 3D4Medical.

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