February 16, 2012By Lance Baily

SimGhosts.Org – New "Gathering of Technicians" Website!

Did you know that last year the “Gathering of Technicians” event was the world’s first conference dedicated specifically to Healthcare Simulation Technicians?  Over 85 Sim Techs from around the U.S. & Canada came to Las Vegas for two days of hands on training in manikin programming from all major vendors, hardware maintenance, audio video production, medical terminology, lab operations, team communication and medical moulage?   Check out highlights from last years GOT SIM!

Well, after many months of hard work, I am happy to share that the NEW website for the annual “Gathering of Technicians”, which is now being called the “Gathering of Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialists”(or GHOSTS) has finally launched!  Check it out at:


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Healthcare Simulation Technician Meeting

SimGhosts.Org is the online hub for the GHOSTS meeting, which is taking place August 3rd and 4th, 2012 in LAS VEGAS!

Also at the new website, you can also join a list-serv to engage in conversations with other Sim Techs from around the world, as well as find shared simulation lab documentation, links, how-tos, and other valuable resources!

Do you want to teach at GHOSTS 2012?

This year we have opened a call for presentations from the community. Submit a GHOSTS presentation proposal by MARCH 16th to share your valuable insights with the Healthcare Simulation Technology Specialist Community. 

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Presenters will have discounted registration for GHOSTS 2012!

So check out the new SimGHOSTS website and welcome to GHOSTS!

Looking forward to August,

Lance & the GHOSTS Team!

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