September 19, 2017By Lance Baily

Is This the Best Healthcare Simulation Program in the World?

Having been blessed with the opportunity to travel to the world and tour thousands of healthcare simulation programs in dozens of countries, its rare to come across a system dedicated to innovation in every aspect of its operations. Brisbane’s Clinical Skills Development Service, directed by Dylan Campher, is one such program, with a business model that is practically utopian for over 100 simulation programs across Queensland Australia.

Imagine that your entire state had one collective purchaser, holder, repairer, and keeper of all simulation based equipment, all of which was available to your site, with only the simple requirement of faculty training and the proof that you would use whatever you requested.

Imagine an online database for members that provides your healthcare institution group hundreds of courses which provide certificates of completion for proof of ongoing educational requirements.

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Imagine a healthcare simulation center dedicated to innovation with an in-house incubator for designing, building, and testing new ideas, sharing research and hosting international events.

Now imagine all of this for FREE, or next to free, for every healthcare education and training program in your entire state.

Welcome to CSDS!

The Clinical Skills Development Service is committed to healthcare improvement through training, collaboration and innovation. Here to help you improve patient care, CSDS provides accessible and engaging learning opportunities by connecting with like-minded people. Theu offer a network focused on systems and safety improvement, pushing boundaries for real-world solutions while providing an environment to approach problems differently

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What CSDS Does

Learning Solutions – Create a personalized learning experience linked to your career pathway with access anytime, anywhere, any device learning solutions designed for you.

Provide Space – Not only can they host workshops and events, but they can support clinical education and trials of new technologies and systems in their replicated clinical environments. CSDS is fully equipped to accommodate any audio visual, video conference, room layout or simulation equipment request.

Equipment Hire & Loans – SimShop provides an extensive catalogue of simulation equipment loans and products to support the delivery of in-house training, simulations, workshops, and events. All loans and purchases are pending availability.

Research – CSDS researchers conduct high-quality research projects in collaboration with a wide range of university and industry partners, as well as clinical experts. This includes investigating the human factors, cognitive and perceptual aspects of clinical tasks, procedures, equipment and simulations; and the efficacy of clinical skills training interventions.

Innovation Hub – CSDS searches  for new ideas, devices and methods to improve education, patient safety and address ‘wicked’ problems in healthcare. By thinking and doing things differently, they challenge the norms and help you to look at everything from a multitude of angles, frames and view points. This is accomplished through their incubator, testing, and collaborative network wide sharing.

Systems and Safety Improvement – CSDS provides you with the learning and tools to implement improvement locally, by engaging staff to make sense of how-work-is-done that creates a shared understanding. Using new and proven methods, Systems and Safety Improvement grows a culture of safety, focussed on better patient outcomes. Online courses, networking sharing, and model simulating.

Pocket Centre Network – By joining together, over 100 programs share resources, equipment, training, and learning. Over 3,000 pieces of equipment are always available to Pocket Centres — backed by the educational training programs to help educators get the most of such a powerful armada of resources.

Learn more on the CSDS  website!

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