January 4, 2012By Lance Baily

Kaiser Permanente Sim Team creates Simman 3G Operations Manual

Let’s start 2012 off with a bang with this AWESOME user-created manual for the Simman 3G from Kaiser Permanente’s California based simulation team Dr. Mark Meyer, MD FAAEM and Regional Simulation Coordinator and Technician Darin Bowers MA.

You can download the Kaiser Permanente user-created Laerdal Simman 3G manual here.

simman 3g manual

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After praising KP’s team for their work, I asked Darin several questions about the manual:

Lance: What is this manual for?
Darin: This manual is a brief summary to the practical use of Sim Man 3G.  We have only included information that covers the basic start up and showdown of the system, as well as basic troubleshooting advice.

Lance: Why did your team create this manual?
Darin: We created this manual to go with the Train the Trainer course Dr Meyer and I teach at the 13 medical centers.  None of our sites have simulation technicians, so we train RNs and MDs in the use of the equipment.  Since they are already busy learning debriefing skills, plus their busy clinical schedules, we wanted to give them a simple and practical guide for using the equipment.

Lance: How has this healthcare simulation lab operations manual helped your simulation program?
Darin:  It has helped in giving simulation instructors a starting point  for the operation of the equipment, as well as a reference for use if I am not available via telephone for technical support.

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Lance: Who uses this manual now?
Darin:  We give the full version of the manual to anyone conducting simulation within the southern California region of Kaiser Permanente.  We have also given copies to other regions within KP.

Lance: How long did this manual take to put together?
Darin: The full version of the manual, (which contains the other simulators used by KP), was definitely a work in progress.  Dr Mark Meyer and Jean Lilja, RN, created an indepth version several years ago.  When I came to Kaiser Permanente, I worked with Dr Meyer and we revised his older version.  One of my personal desires with the revision was more step-by-step instructions with screen shots to facilitate understanding.  Personally, I have probably spent about 40 hours on revisions and additions to the older manual.  Dr Meyer and I, see this manual as a work in progress and we add additional content yearly (sometimes even sooner).

Included in Kaiser Permanente’s operations manual are:

  • Instructions on how to turn on and turn off the Laerdal Simman 3g
  • Webcam setup
  • Patient monitor initiation
  • Directions on how to use the Simman 3G GUI (Generated User Interface) software
  • Healthcare simulation manikin orientation guide
  • Advanced patient monitor controls
  • Complete Simman 3G parts list

You can download the Kaiser Permanente user-created Laerdal Simman 3G manual here.

Dr. Mark Meyer

Dr. Mark D. Meyer MD, FAAEM

Darin Bowers

Regional Sim Coordinator: Darin Bowers MA

Developing an operations manual for and by your simulation team will not only help to provide standardization to your program but also cut down on user-errors.  Operations manuals help to streamline productivity, increase learning speeds for new users, and help to prevent information  loss in the event of staff turnover.

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