September 18, 2017By Lance Baily

Cedars-Sinai To Host Virtual Medicine Conference March 28-29th in L.A.

The future of Healthcare Simulation includes a dramatic increase in the utilization of Virtual Reality technologies. Have you tried a VR headset yet? When combined with motion tracking cameras the experience is the closest thing to a holodeck that we’ve ever tried! The applications to medicine are huge, including educational training, team planning, evaluation, imaging, patient training & rehabilitation and much more. Anyone seriously interested in the technology should strongly consider the 1st Virtual Medicine conference taking place at Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles this March 28th+29th.

About VM at CS

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Not so far in the future, doctors might prescribe a virtual beach vacation to calm aches and pains, in lieu of taking a pill. Insurance companies might offer scenic tours of Icelandic fjords to lower blood pressure, instead of doubling up on drugs. Psychiatrists might treat social phobia by immersing patients in a virtual dinner party. It’s starting to happen right now because of virtual reality – the mind-bending technology that offers immersive, multisensory environments that nudge our brains into thinking we are somewhere else.

Learn the latest evidence about what works, and what doesn’t work, using medical VR in the clinical trenches Leading medical virtualists share best practices and tips for implementing VR into clinical workflows Hear directly from patients who have received VR therapeutics.

Day 1 Agenda

  • Welcome and overview: What makes this symposium different? Brennan Spiegel, MD, MSHS
  • Does VR really help patients? A critical review of the evidence Itai Danovitch, MD, MBA
  • Top 10 lessons learned using VR for patient care Brennan Spiegel, MD, MSHS
  • Best practices for integrating VR into the clinical workflow: What works, and what doesn’t work?
  • Matthew Stoudt, MBA How do we improve the science of medical VR?
  • New guidelines from the VR/AR Association Digital Health Committee Brandon Birckhead, MD
  • Registration and check-in Afternoon break & visit exhibitor demos

Who Should Attend

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VM intended for a wide range of stakeholders seeking to learn about the implementation, outcomes, and cost-effectiveness of medical VR in clinical practice. Participants include clinicians using VR for patient care, patients exploring the benefits of VR as a complementary therapy, hospitals and clinics evaluating the health economics of starting a medical VR program, industry partners developing VR hardware and software solutions, journalists investigating the latest advances in medical VR, and investors seeking to learn the evidence and ROI for healthcare VR solutions.

Check out the Full Agenda and Register Now on the VM @ Cedars-Sinai Website!

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