August 24, 2017By Lance Baily

Samantha McCormack, Nursing Simulation Moulage Expert, Gains ‘Scientist Recognition’ for Wound Training

Congratulations Samantha! recently reported how Samantha McCormack, who teaches wound care techniques at Bucks New University, has become the first simulation technician to gain recognition as a “professional scientist”! Ms McCormack, who has been at the university since 2011, has been given “registered scientist recognition” by the Science Council .

Nursing simulation expert gains breakthrough ‘scientist recognition’ for wound training

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The accolade is an independent recognition of achieving and maintaining the standards required to join the global community of professional scientists. Ms McCormack, simulation and skills facilities team leader, is credited with leading the university in “moulage” – the art of applying mock, and often gorily realistic, injuries for training purposes. She said: “I am delighted to have been awarded the registered scientist recognition from the Science Council and I am especially proud to be the first simulation technician to have received it.”

She noted that her inspiration for introducing moulage occurred when she heard a lecturer telling students to “imagine” a wound on a simulation mannequin.“I thought there had to be a more effective form of learning experience than just asking them to use their imaginations,” she said. Sam McCormack “I researched the available training, submitted a business case and secured funding from the university to complete a casualty make-up course,” she said.

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