July 6, 2017By Lance Baily

VirtaMed Shares ‘The Future of Surgical Simulation’ Paper From Dr. Robert Pedowitz

surgical simulation

A great paper on the future of surgical simulation was shared recently from the awesome team at VirtaMed, which was found from a new VirtaMed newsletter the company is launching which is full of great resources for those utilizing surgical simulation.

“There is little doubt that the medical profession stands at a major crossroads with regards to the fundamental structure of surgical education”, writes Professor Emeritus, Dr. Robert A. Pedowitz in his recent paper published in the Journal of Medical Education and Training. Transitioning from centuries old and thoroughly tried training methods is not an easy task, but it is time to move away from the ‘see one, do one’ approach towards proficiency-based education. Watch the video below for a highlight of how surgical simulation is changing traditional medical education:

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In his paper, Dr. Pedowitz discusses the current education methods, introduces new solutions from many different providers, and drafts a more efficient and safe future for medical skills training in arthroscopy and other surgical fields.

Get the paper for free on the VirtaMed website today!

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