June 8, 2017By Lance Baily

LifeCast Body Unveils Hyper Realistic Infant Trainer

infant simulator

Just a quick note today to share about this amazing new infant simulator from LifeCast Body — which HealthySim got a sneak peek of at IMSH. While the device does not have any technology inside currently, the level of realism with the infant was incredible! Educators could make the infant suckle however, through a small port in the back like a puppet.

From LifeCast Body: Introducing a step change in realism for the medical training industry. Lifecast Body Simulation is developing a range of highly accurate and lifelike “bodies” which will transform the way training is both delivered and absorbed. Designed and produced in Great Britain to the highest quality, the range will include newborn babies, toddler, young adult & geriatric. Lifelike and with a wide range of ethnicity options.

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Visit the new LifeCast Body website for more info!

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