December 12, 2011By Lance Baily

Consulting at University of Utah’s Intermountain Healthcare Simulation Learning Center

Today I spent the day with the awesome team from the University of Utah Nursing School’s “Intermountain Healthcare Simulation Learning Center”.  This 12,600 square foot facility serves 128 new U of U Nursing students a year.  The center is divided between two studios: basic for “skills lab procedures” and advanced for “complex patient care management”.

The simulation wing holds six high-fidelity simulation suites and utilizes both Laerdal and Gaumard manikin products as well as 12 Studiocode audio-video system licenses.  Room dividers help to create additional lab spaces as necessary.

The simulation staff team including Carolyn, Connie, Rebecca, David, Debbie, Laura and I spent time discussing topics such as scheduling policies and procedures, staff job descriptions and adding additional staff, creating external revenue based contracts, center marketing and faculty training.

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Check out the photo gallery  below from this beautiful facility and visit the Intermountain Healthcare Simulation Learning Center.

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