July 7, 2010By Lance Baily

Great New Sim Products!

Easy pitted edema? Realistic hybrid birthing simulator? Better manikin seizing? Life-like Newborn anomalies? Check out these four great new products I had a chance to see at the 2010 INACSL Vendor booths:


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Simureal.net’s Newborn Anomaly Suite

Leading Simulation Experts Jane Kleinman and Kristy Chambers of Medical Simulation Design have teamed up with Hollywood special effects artist Tony Gardner (Addams Family, The Hangover) for their first collaborative manikin based product series, the Newborn Anomaly Set.

I had a chance to examine this series first hand and let me tell you the realism of these prosthetics is remarkable!  Included models are: ultra realistic umbilical cords, gastroschesis, cleft palette head (to fit over most birthing manikin heads), omphalocle, and myelomeningocele.

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If your Simulation Center / Lab is looking to expand its OB / Peds potential – be sure to check out Simureal.net’s site today!

Sim Leggings

Wow!  Finally!  A quick and easy way to get great looking (and feeling) Pitted Edema for your Sim manikin!  This fabric leg zips up over the manikin, which is MUCH easier than pulling up stuffed panty hose or socks like we used to do!  They can be zipped onto Standardized Patients as well!  My only concern is that some of the newer manikins have internal compressors in the legs that the SimLegging might cut off from air supply. **  Your Simulation Technician or Simulation Coordinator will THANK YOU big time for these!

The CSCLV purchased Sim Leggings and the faculty, staff and students have loved them as a teaching tool!

**Edit: Although these items wrap around manikin legs, they have been tested with all major brands to make sure there are NO heat issues with internal compressors. 

Realistic Hybrid Birthing Simulator from Laerdal

For about $4,000 – $7,000 your department can have the MOST realistic OB Simulation possible with this HYBRID Birthing Simulator from Laerdal.  Basically, the lower torso is placed below an instructor / standardized patient with plenty of blankets to cover up the mid section.  The Instructor / SP will ACT out the birthing process while HOLDING onto the baby, which can help to simulate things like:

  • Normal delivery
  • Breech delivery
  • Vacuum delivery
  • Shoulder dystocia management
  • Forceps delivery
  • Delivery of placenta

The higher end model comes with a Force Monitoring Device which “offers learners the unique opportunity to receive instant feedback via the strain guage and software, as to the amount of traction force applied to a baby during delivery.”  The only trick here is to have someone in your department willing to have birth again and again!

Check out this story to learn more about Laerdal’s Prompt Birthing Simulator

Sim Seize

(No pictures Avail).

Sim Seize is a new product from Sim Action, a new company from engineer Greg Stahler.  I had a chance to check out Sim Seize at INACSL and I thought it would make a great addition to any Medical Simulation Lab.  What is especially beneficial is that the product can be placed under ANY manikin – so it is completely universal.  Basically about a 1.5 foot spring loaded box is placed under the manikin (preferably in a hole cut out in an old bed mattress).  Then, during the simulation a confederate can control the intensity from a nearby dial.  It really shook the manikin – much more so than ANY of the internal based shaking mechanisms I have seen on the manikins themselves.  I highly recommend this product, especially for Emergency Services like EMTs, Paramedics, Fire Fighters (and other first responders) – as they are the ones most likely to engage a seizing patient.

Let me know if you have other new products you would like to learn more about or share with the HealthySimulation.com community!


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