December 9, 2011By Lance Baily

Drexel University launches "Simulation in Healthcare" Conference

Simulation in Healthcare: Where No One Has Gone Before!


A state-of-the-art simulation conference—Drexel University College of Nursing and Health Professions, Division of Continuing Nursing Education.

Simulation Conference

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Drexel’s Simulation in Healthcare Conference: Where No One Has Gone Before is the leading international forum for world-class experts to disseminate information on recent advances in the field of simulation.

DATES: March 20-23, 2012

LOCATION: Ft. Lauderdale, FL

The conference courses cover a variety of topics from:

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  • Simulation Theater
    From Act I to Act IV you will see the amazing potential and possibilities for standardized patient simulation. This session will provide an overview of standardized patient simulation including case development, standardized patient training, implementation and evaluation. Several unique scenarios will be demonstrated including medical surgical, psychiatric, family therapy, cultural, and ethical dilemma. Join as we see the expert actors transition seamlessly from one role to another.
  • Looking at the Big Picture: VHA’s National Simulation Program
    This session will present how the Veteran’s Health Administration (VHA) established a national simulation center focused on the use of technology to enhance workforce training and outcomes of care.  By providing a supportive psychologically safe and risk free environment for learning and performance improvement, the largest health care system in the US provides employees the opportunity to experience simulation first-hand.
  • Team Training in Healthcare: Promoting Inter-professional  Partnership for Patient Safety
    Reduction of medical errors and ensuring patient safety, topics addressed in the Institute of Medicine’s landmark report, will be addressed using a simulation teamwork approach. Strategies to achieve these goals will be presented through analysis of team structure and effective communication. Assessment of team performance, challenges for implementation of team based training, and strategies for continued improvement will be highlighted in this discussion of bridging gaps in healthcare delivery through effective inter-professional team training.
  • Teaching Patient Safety in Simulated Learning Experiences & M University Development of a Simulation Orientation Program
  • A Maternity Simulation Immersion Project to Improve the Quality of a Freshmen Maternity Experience
  • Evaluation of Student Perceptions of their Competency in Simulation Using Electronic Health Records (EHRs) in Simulation
  • Disaster Preparedness Education Delivered via Simulation
  • Relocating SIM Man
  • And many more! Download the Drexel agenda to see all the courses available!

Nursing Simulation Conference

Visit the Drexel “Simulation in Healthcare” website to register or learn more!

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