December 7, 2011By Lance Baily

How is your IT relationship?

IT is a critical component for the ongoing success of a simulation center that taking time to reflect on your relationship with the department is important. Tom Brewster from the UK’s online PCPRO Magazine writes a captivating article about the misconceptions and perceived inner world of the “IT Department”:

“Everyone hates the IT department,” an executive with storage and data-recovery firm EMC told us recently. But why is there so much antipathy towards a department that is, after all, designed to help and support workers?

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Often interred in the basement, trapped between the rack servers and a bank of screens, the IT worker is cut adrift – both physically and psychologically – from the rest of the company.

Afforded little more respect than cleaners, the widespread belief that IT isn’t an essential part of an organisation is belied by the fact that companies need IT to function. It’s the first department to be blamed when something goes wrong, and the last to be credited for success.

So why is IT the most maligned department? Why is there such a disconnect between the enterprise and IT for so long? We try to find out.”

Read more on Why everyone hates the IT department.

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Here at the Clinical Simulation Center of Las Vegas, we have a combined IT & Simulation Technician named Jonathan Sturak, who represents the center when dealing with the UNLV campus IT department or various technological vendors.  He is a crucial member of the team and we could not survive without his daily presence here in the lab.

Does your school have ongoing IT support? If not, how does your lab get by? Write a comment and let us know!

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