September 9, 2015By Lance Baily

Limbs & Things Releases New PROMPT Flex Obstetrical Task Trainer

birthing task trainer limbs and things prompt

Just heard about a newly launched PROMPT OB task trainer from Limbs & Things with the denomination of “Flex”. The new FLEX improves on the 12 years of PROMPT use by healthcare simulation champions around the world, which improves anatomical accuracy and ease of use. And because this product is modular, there is a lot of value available out of just one task trainer! Check out the video and official press release below for more details.

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From the Official Press Release:

Developed in collaboration with leading clinicians, the Limbs & Things PROMPT Flex Birthing Simulator is based on over 12 years of evidence-based outcomes using the original PROMPT Birthing Simulator. This product provides the ideal training solution for all skills relating to routine and difficult childbirth.

Consultant Obstetrician and Academic Clinical Lecturer in Obstetric Global Health, Dr. Joanna Crofts, said “The PROMPT Flex is an exciting development in birthing task trainers. Its realism, flexibility and versatility ensure it is a vital component of effective childbirth training.”

Key Features:

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  • Realistic pelvic floor
  • Articulating thighs for McRobert’s manoeuvre
  • Stretchable perineum
  • Software with built-in modifiable, timed checklist of events
  • Recording of drills for annual competency or debriefing
  • Complete Cervical Dilatation, station, presentation, and effacement training
  • Stand-alone and hybrid use
  • Wireless force monitoring of baby
  • Full term infant weight and size
  • Fully articulated baby with correct anatomical landmarks

PROMPT Flex offers clinicians many options for use, including individual training, assessment of knowledge and team training for crisis Maternity emergency events. PROMPT Flex can be used as a stand-alone product, or integrated into hybrid simulation using SPs (Standardized Patients). Additionally, the modular nature of the product will extend its use for cervical assessment (including dilatation, effacement, station and presentation), cesarean section and post-partum bleeding scenarios.

Using the latest Bluetooth technology, the force monitoring component is now available as a wireless solution combined with software which is compatible with PC, Mac, iOS and Android, recording traction applied to the baby’s head, as well as interventions and time to deliver baby. Results recorded can be reviewed and used as a debriefing tool or annual competency record.

About Limbs & Things

With over 25 years of research and experience in healthcare simulation, Limbs & Things is a leader in the medical education field. Recognized globally for our superior and comprehensive product offering, our trainers provide a realistic hands-on learning experience for academic and clinical professionals. With distributors in over 70 countries, offices in the UK, USA & Australia, and UK manufacturing, Limbs & Things provides hand-crafted, quality task trainers that aid in the improvement of patient outcomes.

For more info visit the new Prompt-Flex Website today!

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