October 26, 2011By Lance Baily

Laerdal SimStore: A HealthySim Tour

“SimCenter makes your simulation experience easier and more rewarding than ever. For the simulation novice to sophisticated developers, SimCenter has the tools and services to help every user realize their full potential.”

(Increase the youtube stream quality to 1080HD and watch in full screen for best viewing)

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In the video above, Lance From HealthySimulation.com tours the Laerdal SimCenter’s “SimStore” and walks through the process to purchase a simulation scenario. Lance covers the benefits of simstore, how to find your scenarios, free scenario trials, costs, licensing, and more!

Think of SimStore as the “iTunes” of medical simulation scenarios, where you can browse, sample and purchase simulation scenarios for a plethora of disciplines and in a variety of platforms.

Scenario Simulator Types include everything from the SimMan3G to the SimBaby, SimMan Essential, SimJunior, Vital Sim and even for Standardized Patients.  Scenarios are available for the following disciplines:

  • Clinical Medicine
  • Medical School
  • Clinical Nursing
  • Nursing School
  • Clinical Emergency Medical Services (Pre-hospital)
  • Emergency Medical Services (Pre-hospital)
  • Clinical Allied Health
  • Allied Health Schools
  • Military
  • Patient Safety/Risk Reduction
  • Interdisciplinary
  • Community Health & Public Safety

Read my original post when Laerdal announced SimCenter at IMSH 2011.

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And be sure to visit Laerdal’s SimCenter today to learn more!

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