October 15, 2011By Lance Baily

Additional Moulage Resources

Rob Shotto from Penn State Clinical Simulation Center sent me this email last week to share some additional moulage resources! Thanks Rob!



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Interesting articles on moulage.  I have found immense benefits in moulaging sessions here and the “fire” is spreading!  Non-moulage sessions now appear awkward, almost not completed.  Thanks for the great Job you are doing with your website.  I find it as a great resource.  A company I have found to provide tangible realism, down to microsurgey usage,  is Paint and Powder Cosmetics.  Their Trauma Skin FX® brand, I currently use is phenomenal!  It provides such detailed realism that our microsurgey Department is developing a set of wounds to practice under the “scope”!

I am also a retired combat medic and have found a company called Military Moulage® to provide very extensive techniques across a broad moulage medium.  The company is owned and operated by highly recognized and awarded Hollywood effects artists!  The company offers training classes in HD Tactical moulage and is attended by institutions across the U.S. and a large part of Military/DOD and Homeland Security agencies.  Check it out!  Thanks again for your efforts in educating our community.


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Rob Shotto

Operations Manager/Lead Coordinator
Penn State Clinical Simulation Center
Penn State College of Medicine

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