October 7, 2011By Lance Baily

AV Integration – What's important to Consider?

When working with simulation labs, at some point you are going to have to assess the audio/visual needs of your program.

After attending infoCOMM here in Las Vegas recently, I read a great article in the July/August issue of AVTECHNOLOGY by Carolyn Heinze about AV & IT integration needs with regards to new building projects.

Designing AV Systems for Sim Labs

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Carolyn writes “As it stands with any project—be it in the IT space, server deployment, building a bridge or implementing something to do with AV—planning is, by far, the most important task,” says John Lamberson, technical director at Crestron Electronics, Inc. For example, an integration may call for the distribution of audio and video data over the network, while at the same time requiring control data that updates managers on aspects such as lamp life for the projectors deployed throughout the facility. “Those are two very different things, and it’s important that the AV integration company, as well as the IT managers, get on the same page with reference to what’s going on and what requirements both parties have to be successful.”

When redesigning your sim lab space or developing a new space, the IT and AV issues you will face will be complicated, unique and at times, overwhelming.  Having a project lead that can help guide the process on all levels, from start to finish, with highest level administrative support is a crucial need when developing new AV/IT programs in learning environments.  Everything from what system hardware and software is necessary, to where to install the cameras and how many server-backups to have running.

Read more of Carolyn’s article “Putting it All Together – Planning for AV project management” for some key insights.

What key issues did YOU face when designing and installing your sim labs new AV systems? Write a comment and share with the community!

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