October 29, 2012

FREE for one week only: HealthySimAdmin's Collaborative Sim Program Development Session!


For the next week you can watch HealthySimAdmin‘s 2-hour opening session “Collaborative Simulation Program Development (Across Disciplines and/or Institutions)” lead by University of Nevada Las Vegas School of Nursing Dean Carolyn Yucha RN, PhD, FAAN for FREE right here on HealthySimulation.com!

HealthySimAdmin was the world’s first broadcasted event providing an open and online discussion to share administrative solutions [...]


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October 15, 2012

Right Now -> Free Virtual Conference Participation for HealthySimAdmin Morning Session "Collaborative Simulation Program Development"

Right Now you and your colleagues are invited to watch the HealthySimAdmin opening session “Collaborative Simulation Program Development (Across Institutions and/or Disciplines)” live from your office desktop!

Imagine splitting the cost of a brand new simulation center and operational program in thirds, while simultaneously increasing access to equipment, space and staff support. Now also consider [...]


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May 30, 2012

HealthSimAdmin Early-Bird Registration Now Open!

Take advantage of HealthySimAdmin early-bird registration prices today! Read on to learn more…. 

Whether you are managing medical simulation in a single lab at a community college or in dozens of labs across a state hospital system, I am happy to announce today that HealthySimAdmin has been launched to help lesson the burden of [...]

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