Social Media and Critical Care (SMACC) About to Launch First US Based Conference

smacc conference

Several simulation champions have recommended to me to spread the word about the Social Media and Critical Care (SMACC) Conference, which is having its first international event in Chicago June 23-26, after crossing the Pacific Ocean from Australia. Unfortunately I cannot attend this year as SimGHOSTS Australia occurs on the same dates in Brisbane at the Clinical Skills Development Service, but I wanted to share with you here more about this innovative and highly praised event!

Cliff Reid: Making Things Happen

Why is SMACC different?

The first SMACC event was held on from 11-13 March 2013 at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre. It was a tremendous success, with a staggering 700 delegates at start-up. The second meeting (SMACC Gold) doubled in size to almost 1300 delegates and was an event like no other.

The SMACC concept arose from collaboration between a group of critical care websites from around the world that shared common values. The underlying ethos is to provide free online education with open access, in what has come to be known as ‘FOAM’ (Free Open Access Meducation).

The aim of the events was to provide a common forum for critical care practitioners and to provide the best academic content in an innovative and engaging format. Without financial or professional group support, the SMACC organisers took an enormous risk in getting this exciting not-for-profit venture up and running. The SMACC conference is administered under a charitable not-for-profit trust ‘C4’ – (Centre for Critical Care Collaboration). As a charitable trust ‘C4’ is strictly regulated. The organisers and speakers contribute their time free – no individual profits from the charitable trust.

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The SMACC meeting compliments the educational opportunities already provided by numerous colleges and professional bodies. SMACC and the affiliated websites are working to collaboratively promote education and scientific endeavours in critical care across political and socioeconomic boundaries.

SMACC is a high impact academic meeting fused with cutting edge online social media to deliver innovation with education. The program continues to address the important clinical issues and retains the value delivered by key academic speakers but brings this traditional format to into the 21st century with:

  • Live Twitter Feeds in key sessions
  • Five concurrent sessions
  • Podcasts / Vodcasts: all sessions will be recorded and gradually released on the affiliated websites as part of FOAM
  • Live streams to developing critical care sites such as East Timor
  • Totally new-look Sonowars
  • Live streaming into the onsite SMACC Lounge
  • Onsite child care (the SMACC-Crèche located at the conference)
  • Integrated free paper sessions blended with Keynote free papers and the best PK’s in the SMACC Forum
  • Digital e-Poster displays

SMACC 2015

As SMACC 2014 was a phenomenal success, attracting almost 1300 delegates and doubling in size in only its second year. The decision to take SMACC internationally, to Chicago, is the next step in this exciting experience.

The SMACC Gold conference not only brings together a diverse group of critical care practitioners (Emergency Physicians / Intensivists / Anaesthetists / Rural and Pre-Hospital Specialists / Critical Care Nurses and Paramedics) it united the biggest names in online medical blogs and websites from around the world.

In June 2015 ‘SMACC Chicago’ will be even better as they are expecting over 2500 delegates and more:

  • Intensive Care and Anaesthetic content for critical care
  • A fifth concurrent session to make your choices even harder
  • More critical care Paediatrics
  • A huge range of pre-conference workshops
  • More big name speakers from around the world
  • An expanded SMACC Bar and lounge
  • Child care facilities on site
  • Sonowars reborn
  • A huge exhibition hall where lunch and tea breaks are provided FREE to delegates – to enhance the networking opportunities

SMACC Chicago is a not for profit venture and all the content will be recorded and released in serial fashion as part of FOAM in the same way as the SMACC Gold content is currently being released. If you haven’t got into the spirit of SMACC already check out the content on the SMACC Media tab here on the website or on the iTunes channel or via all the listed affiliated websites.

 Learn more about the 2015 event and SMACC on their website!

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