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Received a helpful email newsletter from Simulation Australia this week that has some unique learning opportunities for the global healthcare community. Check out these upcoming resources:

SimulationWeek 2015 – Upload Your Innovative Work

SimulationWeek is from Saturday 2 May to Friday 8 May 2015. The week provides an opportunity to promote the many forms of simulation in our organisations and communities to celebrate its many accomplishments and future vision.

SimulationWeek will be hosted online at – open to anyone that wishes to highlight their own innovative work through a news story, video or combined image and simulation message format. Pictures are essential and this platform will provide an opportunity to display images easily, providing an exciting snapshot of simulation for the week for the world to see.

Visit for further information and to view ideas on how to contribute.


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SimTecT & SimHealth 2015 – Registrations Open 

Online registration for SimTecT and SimHealth 2015 is now open!
Registration provides you with access to both the SimTecT conference and the SimHealth conference.Please click here to download the SimTecT 2015 Highlight Brochure.
Please click here to download the SimHealth 2015 Highlight Brochure.
Visit or to register your attendance or to view registration options including Full Conference Program, Master Classes with International Keynote Presenters, Day Passes, Exhibition Access, Social Functions and Woodside Advanced Air Defence Simulator Site Visit with Wine Tasting and Lunch.

International Simulation Alliance

The International Simulation Alliance is a new International Platform that will bring together simulation users, developers, researchers and government to share, learn and collaborate. John Illgen, Chair of the International Simulation Alliance Advisory Panel, believes this will allow everyone to share M&S technologies, including available models, simulations, architectures, V&V techniques and associated data bases. This will be accomplished at workshops, symposiums and on the International Simulation Alliance website.

Visit for further information.

Stop by Simulation Australasia’s main webpage for all their resources!

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