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*Update: June 2014 – Now at almost 1700+ Group Members!”

*Update: May 2014 – Now at 1500+ Group Members!”

*Update: Nov. 2013 – Now at 1050+ Group Members!”

Last week the FREE HealthySimulation Linkedin Group passed a new milestone with over 500 group subscribers, today we hit 530! This linkedin group provides daily links all new content there, as well as allows for Simulation Champions such as yourself to share resources, ask questions meet new colleagues from around the world! Follow along with Linkedin group daily or weekly emails there, or get the free monthly newsletter from directly to your email inbox (more than 1,800 subscribers as of today)!

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If you do not yet have a Linkedin account, think of it like the “professionals facebook”. This is a MUST-HAVE social system for interacting with colleagues, following companies, engaging with community, sharing your digital resume and looking for new jobs! Start a free Linkedin account today to join the more than 500 other Sim Champs from around the world already sharing at HealthySimulation Linkedin Group!

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