NextMed MMVR20 Abstracts Due


The “NextMed / MMVR20” Conference is a great resource for physicians in the military engaging in medical simulation, especially if you are near the west coast.  Presentation Abstracts for the 2013 meeting taking place in San Diego are due Sunday so be sure to consider this learning opportunity today.

February 20 – 23, 2013
San Diego Marriott Mission Valley Hotel
San Diego, California

Call for Presentations through July 15, 2012


This year’s Call for Presentations ends this Sunday. The Organizing Committee invites researchers to participate with papers and posters, and independent sessions such as panels, workshops, and tutorials.

NextMed/MMVR explores a wide range of topics at the convergence of IT and healthcare:

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· Biomedical simulation, modeling, and rendering
· Data visualization and fusion
· Imaging devices and methods

· Robotics
· Haptics
· Sensors and sensor grids
· Human-computer interfaces
· Medical intelligence networks
· Mobile health applications
· Projection systems
· Virtual and augmented reality
· Learning and technology
· Plasma medicine
· Simulator design and validation
· Surgical registration and navigation
· Psychotherapy tools
· Physical rehabilitation tools
· Remote and battlefield care
· Serious games
· Wearable and implantable electronics
· Patient and public health monitoring and education

Scientists and engineers, physicians and other care providers, educators and students, military medicine specialists, biomedical futurists, and industry – all come together to promote data-enabled solutions to healthcare challenges. NextMed / MMVR20 will continue a tradition of thought-provoking interaction within a creative, engaging atmosphere.

Next February, we gather in beautiful San Diego, where “Medicine Meets Virtual Reality” began in June 1992.  We hope to see you there.

Also, be sure to check out their new facebook page for a variety of articles of current relevance.


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