myMETI – Free Educational & Learning Materials

Medical Simulation Learning Materials

myMETI is a free medical simulation resource webpage provided by CAE Healthcare (& METI).  On myMETI you can find all of the following:

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  • Free METI scenario samples
  • Scenario development tools
  • Simulation Effectiveness Tools
  • Simulator orientations
  • Forums boards
  • Programming tips & tutorials
  • Müse installation files
  • Müse & MetiVision installation tutorials
  • Training course schedules
  • Grant writing tools
  • Lists of available METI mentors
  • Medical simulation based position description examples
  • Simulation center layouts and floorplan examples
  • Example patient simulation room supply lists
  • Learner guideline, confidentiality and orientation forms.
  • Sponsored research articles and whitepapers
  • Video tutorials and simulation examples
  • Expert and sales contacts for CAE Healthcare

Even if you are not a CAE Healthcare customer or do not own a METI product, the myMETI website is a great resource for your medical simulation program!

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  • Student

    My Meti website is not working. Do you have a working website for the scenarios?

    • Lance Baily

      Hi there!

      Since CAE Healthcare acquired METI I believe their online educational resource has been renamed “CAE Healthcare Academy”, which is available at: . Lots of great resources there!