Survey for Nursing Support Needs to Utilize Simulation

Today we are helping Margaret Clifton with her research on Nurse Eduacator needs.  Please see her request to fill out a short 10-minute survey below:

Dear Colleagues,

Please let me introduce myself: my name is Margaret Clifton, and as part of requirements towards earning a Doctoral Degree in education from Argosy University I am conducting research that examines perceptions of nurse educators’ views of their support needs relative to the use of high-fidelity patient simulation.  The research also explores how perceived needs are prioritized.

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If you are a nurse educator teaching baccalaureate undergraduate nursing students in the United States, have access to the use of high-fidelity patient simulation, and you’re willing to complete a short one-time survey, please click on the hyper-linked ‘yes’ option enclosed in this e-mail. The linked consent form is a formality that must be included. Thank you so very much for consenting to participate.  After reading the consent form, you can take the Nurse Educators Perceptions of Barriers Scale Survey here.

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